No one wants decks!

(Benmagrath) #1

It’s pretty clear that your decision to chuck out the community created courses is very unpopular and will lead to people leaving. I don’t know what your reasoning behind this decision was (although I assume that like most things that diminish our lives it’s about money) but i hope you’ll reconsider while you still have skmething to save.

(Ad Cole) #2

I hope that memrise will continue to be accessable as a website (and decks when it arrives) i have already had to stop using Mondly as they went mobile only (i fully paid for website but got shifted to mobile only which is no good to me completely destroying a two year streak so bye bye mondly) i had been considering going pro on memrise but if it shifts to mobile only or it becomes too difficult to use on a laptop then it will be bye bye memrise too sniff.
This will only leave Duolingo which for now at least still fulfills its obligations to the customer not all of us want to piddle about on a mobilephone people so please get the message…or its goodnight from me too.

(Sakana Otoko) #3

I hope tomorrow morning the Memrise staff wake up, read the feedback, and think for a second about how the community is reacting. Perhaps they’ll reconsider this foolish plan

(Guppyvh) #4

With the amount of money they no doubt already invested in the change? I’m hoping with you, but I fear there’s no chance…

(Adrian) #5

Wrong, the corporate and money-hungry people over at Memrise want Decks. That way, they can disassociate themselves from the plebs who built up this community and made thousands of courses. I guarantee you that one day, they’ll cut all ties with Decks and say “it wasn’t profitable enough” , which in all fairness will never be profitable.

(Theviperstealth) #6

I just paid for an annual subscription just over 30 days ago. Sucks.

(Julian Vasseurac) #7

I did exactly the same so I can use the difficult words features in my created courses on the app. Now I hear this morning there won’t be any app for community created courses from next month. This is shameful.

(Adrian) #8

I might be looking too much into this, but isn’t it a convenient coincidence that they dropped this Decks bombshell a little over 30 days after the holiday discounts? Memrise clearly states that refunds are given back only if you’re subscribed for 30 days or less, also monthly subscriptions don’t get a refund, so that too is out of the question.

(Knomad23) #9

I’ve cancelled my subscription. I only use Memrise for community courses and to learn words for my Russian class and exams. I ALWAYS review on my cellphone and if I’m supposed to use Decks there is no point in me continuing to pay for your service. If you make this change, you will lose all of your Premium members.

(Isik645) #10

Exactly. This is a stupid decision.

(Joëlle Smits) #11

Is this even legal? To let me pay for a service and now say: we just not giving it to you anymore? I paid I think about two months ago for an anual subscription, but that’s not because of those memrise official course. I really want my money back since they actuallt sold me something they won’t be giving to me anymore. Maybe we should make a list of all people how want te cancel their subscription and want a refund for the lost months?

(Pwlaroi) #12

I was totally content with Memrise how it was. I just renewed my premium subscription last month! Not at all pleased with the shift to Decks.

(Humbertoarielborghi) #13

Please don’t do that! I’ve been paying for two years this app, and I use it in the subway, learning through courses created by users. I download the courses.

(Staz4480) #14

Ça c’est pas cool de votre part, Ed. Les cours perso dans l’appli avec vos cours c’est le gros plus. Un site mobile ça n’a rien à voir, et c’est pas hors ligne.

Pas content :frowning:

(Darkvakula) #15

Too bad they did this. I was happy to pay for what was there, but now there is just no sense to continue to pay.

(Yasuo1111) #16

I love your comment. Memrise is enough for me

(Rudykris) #17

What the fuck is going on? I do not need any other sites or platforms. I was creating my course something about 12 fucking months. I have paid for Pro. I hate mobile version of Memrise. I am making another one since 6 months. Rly? I am so disappointed… And now whaaaaat?

(Houssam Alissaed) #19

Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear, get involved: Angry about the Decks update? Make your voices heard

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #20

I think their intention is the makes official courses more visible so it’s a pure business move.

(セバスチャン) #21

I like Memrise the way it is now! Why would you ruin a system that works? Just some minor changes could make the course creation more user-friendly…
Last year I paid for a lifetime membership and now they want to turn it into a free service?! What are they gonna do with all their premium members? That just sucks!

Take away our member-created courses and you’ll never see me again!
I hope the staff takes their sweet time to read all of the comments here and hopefully reconsiders their decision!