No Multimedia settings in the "early access" mode

  • Description of the issue:
    After an app update, I was invited to try the “new” Memrise, with GPT features, and I noticed that there was no sound. I didn’t find the usual “Multimedia settings” in the settings interface. To get back the sound, I had to go to “Community courses”, and there I had access to multimedia settings.

  • Your device make and model: Samsung Galaxy A40

  • OS version: Android 11

  • Memrise app version: 2023.07.25.0

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: Turn off sound in Multimedia settings in the old interface accessible from “Community courses” (via the interface to select the language being learnt), go back to “early access” mode using the “Try it Now”, Choose “Sync progress”, then try to practice a lesson with sounds. There is no sound. Go to settings: There is no Multimedia settings.

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