No mixing of words when questioned?

If I want a certain list to be questioned in order, how do I change it to that from the default random questioning?


If I have understood correctly, the nearest you can get to this would be to select an individual “Level” within a particular course and then to review the items within that level. The items will still be presented in a random order, though, and not in the order they are listed in the level chosen.

From the chosen course Homepage, open the “Level” that you want to review and then, on the Level Page, click on “Review”.

Does that help at all?


There is no “level” to click. I’m supposed to be able to do the opposite of “jumble” the words, which I interpret as doing what I want to do.

I’ve followed the instructions on this page, but it doesn’t work

Hi @MikaelEriksson, I think you would need to ‘+ Add Level’ to access the screen boxes illustrated in that link. (The second level can be left empty.)

I have done that, and followed the rest of the instructions, but it still doesn’t work. Do I have to log out for the changes to set in?

Hi, the link you gave only explains how to include or exclude what Memrise calls “Tapping Tests”. This is the third main testing format, alongside simple typing tests and multiple-choice tests.

The tutorial link you gave starts by commenting:
" If you are the course creator, you can disable the ‘Tapping Tests’ (aka ‘jumbled words’, ‘rearrange the words’) in your course." And this is potentially misleading.

Unfortunately, unchecking “Tapping Tests Enabled” will have no effect on the random order in which course items are presented for testing during review sessions. Instead, tapping tests will simply not show up during any tests.

Sorry! I misunderstood the original post to be about reviewing an existing course, rather than how to achieve the desired outcome when creating a new course.

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No problem :slight_smile: