No letters on Memrise keyboard in official courses British English -> German

For ages, the Memrise keyboard isn’t working, just some german specific letters are displayed always (fixed). I’m learning German to English as well, there it works, and it’s only buggy when learning official courses….
Please fix it one day.

That is not a bug but a choice by the course creator to only add special characters for this specific language.

Many people don’t like the keyboard with all the letters because it spoils the answer. That’s why I hide the keyboard in my browser anyway.


but other official courses (e.g. English for german speaker) uses the letter keyboard and why are only the special characters permanently shown, they are also on the keyboard on my desk?. I know the topic about the hint and I wish the keyboard back, it’s also standard in the app and works. It would be better to send the choice to hide the letters to the user settings….