No "Learning Settings" anymore?

This item has disappeared from profile page and doesn’t work when selecting from the dashboard page. WTF? Now I’m doomed to 50 words in every review session regardless of what I want?

Please click on ‘Learning settings’ to see a shiny new page

Shit DOES. NOT. WORK. It momentarily flashes “app . memrise . com/learning-settings” in the browser’s address line, then “app . memrise . com/languages”, and then goes back to “dashboard”. I did everything besides running around with a drum, from clearing cookies to trying “Troubleshooting mode” in Firefox to using another PC. It doesn’t work.

Can confirm this in both latest Firefox and Edge.

Please don’t use profanities.
I’m sorry this isn’t working for you, we can see why and will get it fixed
In the meantime while you can’t change the review length, rest assured as long as you exit a review session using the X button in the top right your progress will be saved, you don’t have to do all 50 words

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Hopefully that is all working for you now

It’s working for me. I saw earlier today you also enabled the Dutch interface. This is what that settings screen currently looks like:

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Nuts! is the rest of the site looking okay though?
There are some pages we have chosen not to translate at this time such as level details and the groups tab and the other settings pages, as they’re on our old tech stack and we’ll add translations as they go
There are a couple of missing ones inside lessons as well we’ll get repaired

The rest of the site is unchanged. Just the learning settings translation is missing in the menu.

nederlands leerinstellingen menu

The number of words possible for review used to also have available 100 as a choice…I am doing a couple of courses now that have more than 50 words and this would be helpful. All I am asking is for the same choice that the software has had for forever and a day…thanks