No incorrect answers shown, the app is unusable

Whenever a question with multiple answers is shown, all of the answers are the correct answer. As I think an image will make it clearer:

This happens all the time, and it has made Memrise unusable for me at the moment.

If it helps shed some light on the matter: my iPad broke a few months ago, and I stopped using Memrise until I bought a new iPad Air last week. This means that I had not used the app for a few months, and that it’s an iPad where everything has just been restored from an iCloud backup.

Using a 5th generation iPad Air, with iOS15.6.1 and v2023.2.6.57544 of the Memrise app.

Hey Salgiza29, thanks for your post!
I’ll investigate this right now.

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It’s now fixed - tell me if you encounter issues again.
Bon apprentissage ! :wink:

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@AlexisTheGalaxy when you said “it’s now fixed”, did you mean “it’s fixed internally and will be fine in our next update”?

Because this is the second time I try the app this week to see if it’s fixed and…

If you tell @MemriseSupport which course it is, they can look at the course for you.

This sort of thing can happen on a Community course where too few alternative words were available during the creation period.

It should be completely fixed already, yes.
I had a try on the website and it worked well for me - so maybe it’s just a sync issue with your device. Does it work if you close the app and reopen it? Maybe you can also try to log out and back in?

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Thanks a lot, @AlexisTheGalaxy, logging out and in again did fix the issue! (I guess something was cached in the app?) Anyway, whatever it was, I can use the app again! :partying_face:

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