No download button

I paid for memrise pro so I can download courses on my mobile phone.
The thing is that I cannot seem to find the download button anywhere. Yes, I do have a setting to download only from wi-fi but no option to download itself.
I’m Android user with the newest version.
Am I just dumb?

Hello @hrncirovaludmila59 and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

It seems you have a preview-version or a new course type / format, at least I haven’t ever seen a page like the one you showed - “Scenarios” and “Early Access” is all new to me (I’m just a fellow user).

FWIW, in “my” Android version (2022.10.11.0) you can tap the “Learn” button/tab (bottom right). After tapping it, you should see a button (green circle) near the top right. Depending on whether you already downloaded a course, this button will show either a white down-arrow (download possible) or a white check mark (course has been downloaded).

It would be interesting to see the version number of your Android App. Can you post it here?
You’ll find it in your settings, i. e. by tapping the icon at the very top right, then tapping on the cog (again top right). You’ll find the version number near the bottom of the list (you might have to scroll down the list).

@MemriseSupport you guys care to explain the screenshot above? Did you roll out a new version or new courses? I’ve worked through EN-SWE 1 to 7 and still work on them daily, but never saw the design that the OP showed.

Hmm. I found an → article about “Early Access”, but the article claims that this is only available for iOS and the web. It also states that “users who are enrolled in Early Access will not be able to use it on an Android device.”.

I can’t activate Early Access, neither on the web nor on Android. It might just be something that new or special users get.

Are you really using an Android device?

Hi @ hrncirovaludmila59

On the Early Access version of Memrise there is currently no ability to download the course for offline usage (hence it’s not mentioned on our plans page as we don’t want to mislead people, if you’ve seen it mentioned somewhere please let us know so we can update it)

If this is a feature you absolutely need then I’m afraid you’ll have to switch to the classic version of the product, you can do that by clicking the person icon in the top right, then click ‘early access’ and opt out

Unfortunately that article is out of date, I will get it updated

Thank you very much, James! I’ve understood that the early access is just testing of learning personalization so I didn’t suspect that. Thank you again!

I’m on Google Pixel 6a. Which is an Android phone…? :sweat_smile: But James already helped me, thanks for your reply anyway!

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So is the “Early Access” mode only available to certain users? I can’t see it, neither on the web nor in the Android app.

We’re testing it on a limited subset of new users, it will be rolled out to higher proportions over the next few months as we increase the features in it.

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OK - thanks.

Hi James; will we have the ability to download courses at some point in the future within the Early Access version or whatever it will ultimately become? When might we see this if so?

Also, how do courses in Early Access differ from the classic version? What exactly is different? Are all the courses the same, but the thing that is different is how you move between them?

It’s very unlikely we’ll see an offline mode that is as full featured as on the old version, as that took an incredible amount of resources to develop and maintain as we have to duplicate a lot of work to store and process data both locally on apps and on the server and it’s the cause of several persistent problems we have. In addition we can see from our analytics the usage of offline mode was never very high and has been rapidly declining every year as mobile data has become cheaper and public wifi much more available so it doesn’t make sense for us to focus on providing it.
But in the new year we do hope to offer some form of offline mode though not as full featured as the classic version.
As to the courses, in general right now it’s the same words, just cut up and ordered in different ways that we thought made more sense, some languages were reworked to a larger extent than others. But Early Access will be the place we ship all new features and improvements to the course, on our website you may already be able to see our new Communicate mode depending what language you’re learning, and it will be available to all languages soon, as well as an exciting other mode!

not debating any of the data you see (it’s an interesting development you point out), but for me, and presumably a number of others, offline mode is the only reason that we pay for premium, so that declining offline user base might potentially be over-proportionate in the paying bracke