No audio to 'abbastanza'

The word ‘abbastanza’ that is in the course ‘Italian 2’ has no audio.
Them, it’s not possible to do the exercises, nor to advance in the learning of that word.

Assuming that you are refering to Memrise’s official EN-IT course, there is a course-specific thread specifically here. I’d suggest you re-post your issue there.

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Noo :frowning: where I find the link to PT/BR-IT?


Not sure what you’re asking. You can search for threads by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right. To find a course specific thread, look for something along the lines of " [Course Forum] name of the course".

Hello @MikeleGuedes67. Questions about the Italian course for Portuguese (Brazilian) speakers can also be posted on the link that Olaf indicated in his post above.

In this topic there is the specialist in Italian, but if it is a question that involves Portuguese, the Portuguese expert can also help.
Please post again on the topic indicated. It would be good if you put the link of the course that you are learning. You said that it is Italian 2, but you also did not inform in which level the word in question appears.

Oh! Thank you so much :heartbeat::wave:

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