No audio on iOS :(

Dear Memrise Users,
I have created a german course and I oploaded audio to each and every word. When I am studying the words on desktop computer the audio is working finely but when I would like to study the course on iOS, there is no audio. Actually, I can see the audio icon above the words, but it is not playing it even though if I try to click on it. The phone is not muted, every other app audios are working. Is it common or is it a bug?

Thank you in advance for your answer,
best regards, Timi


This problem has happened before. See this earlier forum topic:

I have just tried some of my courses and the audio works on some and not on others. @MemriseSupport - could you advise please?

Edit: Checking further on iPad, for one of my courses, the audio file plays when learning a word for the first time and when an item is selected from the Level page but not when reviewing the same items. This is similar behaviour to the problems described in the earlier topic. Logging out and back in doesn’t make any difference.

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Hi, thank you for your help! In the suggested forum topic it was mentioned to re-install the app, I did so and now it is working finely. :slight_smile:

Oh, right. I’ll give that a try. It seems to be a bug that comes and goes.

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