No audio in iOS app (for items with sound on the web)

I have upp. int. course in English but there is no voice of words. Does anybody has same problem?

It would help if you posted a link to the course. For what it’s worth - there’s tons of courses without audio, so you might just have picked one of those!

Dear Olaf

As you can guess i am not familiar of your app. I subscribed just 1-2 weeks ago. I got upp. int. english course . It has 67 levels . I can tolarete if some words have no voice, but all words and describes have no voice in all levels.
I use your Memrise App. If you describe how i can post you a link , i would be glad to post it.

I took this link from your webpage. I hope it might help you.

But let me say it is working on your webpage , there is no problem with audio. But i can not carry my laptop to everywhere. I prefer to use app via my phone.



iOS için Outlook uygulamasını edinin

Just so you know: I’m just another user, I’m not affiliated with Memrise.

I have quickly checked the course, it does contain audio which is working here on the web. I haven’t cross-checked in the app as I’m using Android.

Can you confirm that you do not hear audio for items in the iOS app for which you do have audio on the web?

Ohhh my God . I am so sorry . I really ashamed. Thanks for your helping. Yes , i am sure same words have audio on website but it is not working in App. Same words have no audio in app.

I backed up Memrise many times about this issue . They did not care me or they did not revieve my back up properly. I dont know. Anyway thank you so much

Best regards

iOS için Outlook uygulamasını edinin

No worries, you’re new, how are you supposed to know!

I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much then. I can only flag @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty - maybe you guys can help?

I have also moved your posting into the iOS bug category and amended the subject so others may find it more easily. Good luck!