No audio for word pronunciation while using app in IOS?

Hi @openmedi,

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve just had a play around on the iOS app version of my Finnish course on my iPad and found that it does have some different behaviours to the web version regarding the audio files. [You will probably have noticed that not every item in my course has an associated audio file attached. It’s mostly the phrases which don’t.]

In the iOS app version, when I choose the “Learn New Words” option from the course homepage, I hear the audio file on first presentation of a new item. After being shown a second new item, when the first item is next presented as a test, a correct answer does not play the audio file (although it does in the web version - and I don’t know why Memrise treats these differently) but an incorrect answer repeats the ‘new item learning screen’ which then does play the audio file.

Also in the iOS app version, if I scroll to a ‘level page’ and tap on it and then tap on “Learn New Words” I get the same behaviour as described above. Similarly, if I tap on the ‘planting seed’ icon next to an item in the ‘level page’, I hear the audio file for that particular item.

I know, from the FAQ section that the screen layout on the iPhone (I don’t have one) is a little different to the iPad but the icons are similar and I would expect them to behave in a similar way. I hope that BeaTrisy can identify why they don’t and come up with a solution for you. As previously mentioned, I think the problem with the ‘3 option’ listening test is a different, specific bug. I was experiencing that one a week or so ago on the web version but it was fixed a few days ago.

Sorry to not be much help, and thanks for trying my course.

I have also had this in the past on the Chinese courses- currently the audio has been down on the IOs app for the past week- very frustrating

Are there any news? It’s still broken for me:

The same problem exists for French Verbs for the following words:
comprendre,agacer,celebrer, gener, encourir envoyer,etablir,commander,chanter,consommer,soumettre,gouter,balayer

Same problem here across the different Japanese-language courses. Logged out and back in but it does not seem to fix the issue - although I must recognise that it seems that there is more audio available now

I met same situation while start to learn new words with “upper-intermidiate english” course

I already try to log out and in again but it not work.
Is there any method available help to fix this problem at the moment ? thanks!

Hi @thangnguyen0910

Just a quick note, I’ve left my role at Memrise more than a year ago.

I’m more than happy to engage and have a chat as a fellow language learning enthusiast, but please be aware that I am no longer in a position to support with queries, neither do I have the desire to do so.
Please address your query to the Memrise support or QA team.

Thank you so much for being an engaged member of the community, and I would be more than happy to have conversations over a shared love of the french language.


Same problem with the courses I have created my self, most of the audio isnt playng in the iOS ?? :thinking:

It’s annoying because if you have to listen then choose the spelling, you can’t do anything besides randomly choose :confused: