No audio for "Learn Advanced French • No Typing"

(Lola Bean) #1

Using “Learn Advance French-No Typing” course on iPhone, but there is no audio for word pronunciation. “Bubble” sounds work fine. However, pronunciation audio works with website opened in Mozilla. Is this a bug, or do I need to check some settings? I don’t see that I have disabled anything audio-related in the Memrise application itself.

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sweethelena) #2

I’m having the same problem in December 2018 — a few words in the beginning had audio, and then no more after 15 words or so. OP, did you ever find a fix?

(Thomas Heiss) #3

The course owner has not added MP3 audio for ALL words.

If you move your mouse over the speaker button you will recognize that it does not link to a MP3 HTTP link; maybe you will not even see the speaker button at the top left.

If you do use the Memrise web portal Cooljingle’s (Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey) user script “Memrise Audio Provider” can help you at least to activate TTS French audio for those words where any audio files are missing in the course.

Obviously this won’t help you for the Memrise mobile apps.

Check Camilo’s addon listing for several web browsers like Violentmonkey to get userscripts running and try if that might work on a mobile Firefox or Google Chrome version and if IOS or Android might support that (sorry, I have not tried yet):

(Lola Bean) #4

Sweethelena, my original problem was that no audio worked on the phone app while it worked on the computer. Thomas.Heiss is correct that audio doesn’t apply for all words in all courses. I’m not sure if that is your problem or if you have encountered something new. It’s a good vocabulary course, even with the glitches :slight_smile: