Next session button can't be used after finishing session

After finishing a session (e.g. “classical review”), the button at the bottom of the screen that should let me directly start the next session is empty and doesn’t react (see screenshot).

Using version 2.95_17405, Android 9 on Samsung S9+ with latest security patch.
I have to go back to the lesson overview to start the next session. If I force stop the app it will work fine for 2 or 3 sessions then it happens again continuously.
I also tried waiting for a long time but it doesn’t seem to resume.
Reinstalling the app and redownloading the lesson didn’t help.

Experiencing same issue, someone help!

I have the same issue sometimes. I’ve already reported this here, but there hasn’t been any statement as of yet. I’ll link this thread there for the time being.

We are aware of this, but it is a bit tricky as we dont exactly know the conditions in which this consistently happen. If you have more information to reproduce this more consistently, then we would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m really not sure how to reproduce it. Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes (quite often) it happens. I’m software engineer so I understand debugging. I’m not sure how I can help but if I can let me know. I’ll definitely let you know if I can find a sure way to reproduce the problem.

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I do have the feeling (will check again over the next few days) that the problem can be reproduced by doing a Difficult Words session with DWs that were added manually. When the session has ended, quickly removing the DW-flag for all four words seems to trigger the problem. Not 100% sure though, I’ll need to verify, but maybe you can try that out too, @JBorrego .

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Okay, so we have been working on this. We now know how to reproduce it and we will be releasing a little tweak to that in the next few days. It is related to Network stability.

Thank you for your help and patience!


Great, congratulations :blush: Looking forward to the fix. I use memrise on the train to work, that explains why I had that problem so often! Thanks for looking into this!

Please let us know when this problem is fixed. As of today, with v.2.95-17904 I still se.e this problem.

The problem for me is fixed since the last update (2.94_17904), in the sense that the button works as it should, and it intercepts touch events instead of letting them through.
The problem left is that if the connection is slow (e.g. when I’m on the train), it keeps trying to connect (I guess) and I just get the spinning icon forever. But if go back to the lesson overview and start the next session from there, it works straight away.

The problem is still appearing intermittent but often and more so when I have Dark Mode disabled. But once the problem starts it will not stop even if I close the app and restart.

I think this is neither related to a slow internet connection nor the app itself, it’s rather something that happens internally at Memrise. I have a very stable 100/6 MBit connection and I experience the same issues, across the last 3 or 4 app versions.
And those problems have gotten very much worse over the last few weeks. It seems that the problem building up resp. getting worse and worse …