New Year, New Courses!


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Thank you Thomas,
You are right. Cooljingle’s scripts look very efficient. I’m already playing with them.

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I have a question
I’m a korean and i’m learning english.

I was learned british English 1-4 course, and i deleted my all learning history because i want to start again
My plan is learning memrise british and american English course at the same time.

But when i just finished english 1 course, I found that new english course 1-2 has released.

I’m so disappointed because i cannot move my learning history to the new course.

But since two course has significant different, especially new courses are more challenging and has much more expressions, I want to start again with new english course.

my plan is to learn British and American English at the same time, I need to new American English course(for Korean speakers). When will you release it?

And currently only 1-2 course are released, When you finished released all english course? is there any plan? I want to start again when all course has released.

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If the phone language is set to English US, will these new courses be also available? Or does the update specifically apply for English UK?

(Thomas Heiss) #24

I see the phrase “for now” in the above quote.

(P3950080) #25

Yes, that is true, I also noticed the “for now” part. Since the post is now one month old and because these updates seem to also be available for English US, I would kindly request a confirmation for that.

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Does that mean if some time ago I started Italian 7 and now have returned to it, I will be doing the old course and not the new one?

If true, how could I get the new one?


Yes, it should be. As the OP says, they have only released new versions of course numbers 1 & 2, so (currently) there will only be the original version of Italian 3 onwards. The “(for now)” comment refers to the language pairs eg UK English/French 1&2, European Spanish/UK English.

(Thomas Heiss) #28

Your old 1-2 courses have another course id and you will still see them on your own “Home” dashboard.

I) Browsing the course repository (from English UK) and selecting the (0),1, 2 courses:

II) Browsing the courses which the “Memrise” user is teaching and selecting the English UK ones (true for 0, 1+2):

This should show you only the available courses with the new ids, speaking e.g about French 1+2 (from EN UK), Japanese 0, 1 and 2 (from EN UK).

Alanh has thankfully already jumped in by quoting that the updated offical Memrise courses are not available for the moment for the 3-7 course series or English US.

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Many thanks @Thomas.Heiss - the second way worked:

On this course I have 120,000 all time points but on this course: I have none.

Many of the levels seem to have the same titles (and the words are the same for the first level that I inspected).

Even the course description is the same.

What I can’t tell is if one if for the UK and one for the USA.

PS Level 29 (and many others) are different! (Or in a different order.)

I agree with a comment above, it’s a pity we can’t mark as learned words covered in the first course.

PPS However if you know the word and get it right each time, then it flowers in some two goes earlier. :slight_smile:


The one in your first link is the UK one and the one in your second link is the USA one. You can check this by changing the “I speak” setting on the course selection page to “English (US)” , then selecting the course and checking the url.

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Thanks - so the USA course has a different structure (!) but isn’t the new version mentioned in this thread?

I did try to find American spelling but couldn’t find any.