New Year, New Courses!

Dear fellow language learners,

We’d like to tell you that a few weeks ago, we released new Courses 1 and 2 in 7 languages for all platforms. These new courses are available for the following language pairs (for now):

For UK English speakers (or anyone with their phone set to UK English):
French 1 & 2
Spanish 1 & 2
German 1 & 2
Italian 1 & 2
Japanese 0 & 1 & 2
Chinese 1 & 2

For Spanish speakers (or anyone with their phone set to European Spanish):
Inglés (Reino Unido) 1 & 2

Unlike the previous ones, the new courses have been crafted around the most popular topics and situations learners could experience when talking to someone in that language. The first two levels (Get Started and Survival Kit) provide you with some of the most useful sentences to help you get by in almost every situation.

From Level 3 onwards, we introduce specific topics and situations, including small talk, socialising with friends, office talk, eating out, etc. These levels are longer than in previous courses (approx. 60 items), and equip you with useful, entertaining phrases and vocabulary. In between these longer levels, you will also find shorter levels designed to boost your vocabulary (e.g. numbers, food, colours, days of the week, etc.).

Each of the new courses has been created from scratch by our in-house linguists with a healthy dose of humour and wit to give you the most natural, charming and unique content around. They travelled with a film crew to each individual country to film native speakers saying phrases from the course. We’ve also added more variety to the videos showcasing phrases spoken naturally and in a variety of accents. This might make them more challenging, but we want to give you the closest experience possible to communicating with native speakers. Not to mention, you’ll get to check out all the Italian hand gestures and Japanese bowing etiquette that go along with the phrases too.

In these new courses, we have also included some grammar sessions (for mobile devices only), to help learners navigate some of the most difficult and important concepts in the language.

If you are a new learner of any of the languages mentioned above, you will be directed to the new courses, and the previous Courses 1 & 2 will not be available to you.
BUT, if you’re currently learning on the previous course 1 & 2 in any of those languages, you can decide to continue your progress or start the new Course 1 or Course 2. Don’t worry: you won’t lose your progress in the old courses! However, the new and old courses are independent, so you might have to learn some words again and enjoy the brand new videos at the same time!

We are constantly working on enhancements and fixing issues to improve your experience. We would love to hear your feedback on these new courses. We’ve put a lot of love and work into them and we hope you enjoy them! :slight_smile:

Happy learning!
The Memrise Team


the “locals” in the Jap 1 are a joy, really. Are they friends of the team, or something :):smiley:
Even if the most items in 1 and 2 are known to me, I am taking them just for the these new “locals” … I do hope that Jap 3-7 get updated as well… Not everyone logs through the vpn of a firm, like myself, and myself i do not always use the company’S servers…

edit: just as a matter of privacy, why is the location of the computer visible on discourse lately??? I don’t have any options regarding my privacy, is just a take it or leave it game


Wow. The courses are getting an upgrade? Great! I don’t mean they were bad before. I’m just glad that they will be updated, I am a BIG user of Japanese 0. So I might have a look at what may of changed. If it’s been for the best. Or hasn’t changed at all. I’m still happy to hear you still want to improve our experience. The only thing that irritates me, is that I won’t have ANY of my progress from the older versions. :pensive:. But I am willing to give the updated versions a try! I can see that so much time amnd effort has gone into these courses. So let’s congratulate the team!:tada: :confetti_ball::sparkles:

Also. I’d like to hear what OTHER users think on the poll below!

  • You prefer NEWER versions
  • They’re just the same for me…
  • You prefer the OLDER versions

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Thanks for your words of encouragement, we really appreciate it! It’s great to know that you are making the most out of our Japanese courses :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star:

Don’t worry, your progress in any old course won’t be lost! You will have access to any course that you were previously learning before switching to the new courses with all your progress too. You will simply not be able to find any other ‘older’ versions of courses that you haven’t learnt before as you will be directed to our new and improved versions as well. So if you want to make the most of our old Japanese 0 as well as our new one, you can have the best of both worlds!

Good luck with your Japanese studies - 頑張ってね!



Great to hear that I won’t lose any progress. I was about to pin the topic myself. You got there first. lol. But really think these new one’s are a HUGE improvement. Great job Memrise!

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Could you post a link to them?

I can right now,

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Thanks @Rob_Paterson

We’d like to tell you that a few weeks ago, we released new Courses 1 and 2 in 7 languages for all platforms.

Many thanks - how does one distinguish these from the original ones?
They look the same or have they replaced them?

I believe they are the same courses, Just edited.

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I thought they had devised a different learning approach and focus, keeping th original courses.

I hope I haven’t lost my original scores and learned words.

(I’ve got Zero as an all-time score in both course 1 and course 2 and I thought I’d tried all 7 levels in Italian. I certainly have a score against the other levels.)

Look at the above quote, I asked the same question.

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Wait. I found this after digging through Memrise’s created courses,

There are 2 French 2’s? @Rob_Paterson. Explain please, are they 2 separate courses?

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I assumed by “old course” it meant the old–unaltered (still there) courses hence my question about these supposed ‘new’ courses.

Perhaps they have created new levels?

That may be the case, as I’m baffled. I also have been busy with Korean lately.

I wonder if they will improve the Korean 1 course @DW7

Hi Memrise team,

There is one difficulty here. I feel the updated versions are closer to real life language experience and that makes perfect sense for people who finished the previous versions to move to the new ones.

However, it’s almost impossible. The words are almost the same, just examples are different/better. Who will have the patience and time to answer the same questions 6-7 times to put the words to the “known” base?

A very nice solution here is to make “Auto learning” option available for every course, not only for those created by the same user. I honestly can’t imaging users switching from old to new ones now.

I experienced the same problem when I finished 3 Spanish-Spanish, realised there were Spanish-Mexican, and could not switch. It would take too much time. Auto-learning would solve it easily.


Are there any plans to add more Chinese courses? All the other Memrise courses have 7 levels except for Chinese. Why is this?

AFAIK Auto learning is only available as a course owner or contributor, but not for normal users; it was there before as a feature you could enter as “Auto_learn” in the URL, but was removed even before I have started with Memrise (end of 2016).

If you want to plant a word in one instead of six learning steps, you can use Cooljingle’s “Auto learn” user script on the web portal:

For 2-3 new courses I have started (non typing, user created incl. the 5000 PT words course by BenWhatley) it does not work all the time, but sometimes; it looks like there have been some web code updates by staff in 2018.


What you see on the teaching page is related to English_UK and English_US variants of their officlal courses.

You should see the new versions of the courses as the old courses are hidden from the repository browser if you have not started them.