New words on a course

If someone adds new words to a course whilst i’m learning it, how and when do they show up?
On the website it says there are 4100 but on the app 4600? there is another course in a similar position.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

New words and/or changes to existing ones should show up immediately on the web. The apps seem to have some sort of cache which obviously prevents updates from showing up there unless you either log off and back on or download the course (again).

That said, it’s pretty strange that you would have 500 items on your (Android or iOS?) device that don’t exist on the web (which is leading). So my guess would be that you downloaded the course data on your device and someone radically (!!!) reduced the number of items available in the course.

Can you share a link to the course? is the course with the biggest word difference.

Thanks very much for your time!

Currently with iOS apps you need to delete the app and reinstall it to get the caches removed for course changes. Could be true of the Android app, too.

I just checked via Memrise. There, the course shows 4.135 words (the count shows up when you start learning it, sadly not before!).
When I exported the course’s word-data, I get 4.688 words.
So this doesn’t really seem to be a problem between app and web, but rather on the web itself.

@MemriseSupport, @clvnb: can you check to find out about the origin of the word-count discrepance?

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Cool, thanks for the heads-up, I’ll look into it :+1:


Ok, so the difference seems to be due to us counting things differently on web or the apps.

Web has the total number of distinct words in the course so if a word appears in two (or more) different levels, then it only counts it once.

The apps count the words multiple times. So for example, in the Icelandic course listed, the word for “fish” appears in 4 different levels, so it gets counted as 4 different words on the app. I understand that this difference can be confusing, I’ll send feedback to the team. But as far as I can tell, nothing is missing from web that’s in the apps.


That sure does explain it - cheers! Thing is, it shouldn’t really. While that means that the Icelandic course has a tremendous number of dupes, they should still be counted nonetheless (IMHO).

BTW: if your system (IOW, the DB) can differentiate resp. do a DISTINCT across the word-list and knowing that you’re a database guy, you might as well offer a function that allows course creators to identify (and thus rid of) the duplicates (i. e. do a “WHERE Count([x])>1”) or simply have them removed automatically, how about that?

Removing things automatically is a bad idea I think, I believe people want to add the same word to different levels. But allowing course creators to identify duplicates would be useful, but it becomes a long discussion about the UX etc and I think there’s a lot of other low hanging fruit we might need to tackle first :slight_smile:


Well, yes, I didn’t really expect this to get priority, too many other fruits to be picked first, I suppose! :wink:


One thing worth noting here: the word-count differs within the Android app as well. I reported that here. You might want to check whether or not this is the same issue.
Also worth noting with this respect (and I didn’t report this yet): the count of points obtained for any given session within the app varies between what the app shows you after a session and in leaderboards - the latter shows a higher score. This is most easily observed on a Monday when you do your first session.

This might as well all be linked together, methinks …

Uhm, now you’re getting dangerously closed to app issues, which aren’t really my speciality :thinking: But I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out what could be causing it.


I know, I was just trying to point out that there’s connections between web and apps that you guys might not be aware of and which might be closely connected (IOW, this might as well be a database problem rather than one linked to the UIs).

This should now be fixed! :slight_smile: At least, it’s definitely fixed on the Icelandic course you linked, but it should be fixed on all courses! We now display the count as the total number of words (including duplicates, which I guess might not be everyone’s favourite way, but it’s now consistent).

If anyone encounters any issues with number of words in a course, let me know :slight_smile: