New web dashboard is now available in Beta!

Hi all, our new web dashboard is now available in Beta :slightly_smiling_face:

Along with our new learning sessions in Beta, this is an opt-out experience which includes new designs and improved, more responsive features. Please note that this is being rolled out gradually to all our users - if you can’t see it yet, don’t worry! You will get a chance to play with it at some point in the next few weeks.

If for any reason you’d like to turn it off, please see the following page for instructions on how to do so:

Try it out and please provide any feedback on this thread :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll actively monitor this section and record your comments for future iterations.

Read more about the recent changes here.


Thanks for letting us know.

Does it say Beta on the top left?

I have just looked at my Dashboard (Home Page) supposedly ‘Beta’, on my phone Browser and on a Windows 10 laptop and it looks the same on both.

Perhaps I don’t have access to it yet?


I’m please to read (following your » link «) that these features will eventually be included.

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a suggestion, since the filter courses is always showing, can you add a function to sort it from top to bottom or bottom to top? For example it’d be convenient to be able to put courses without the goal set or less recently learned up top instead of scrolling all the way down for them as one finishes the daily grinding.


Hi there @DW7, yes it will say Beta on the homepage (top left corner). It sounds like you might not have access to it yet, but please also make sure both Alpha and Beta are ticked in your settings if they aren’t.

@skublover - thanks for your feedback! I’ve created a feature request for it, so our team can take a look asap :slightly_smiling_face:



Surely I only want Beta, not Alpha?

If I tick Beta, then Alpha, the Beta is greyed out.
Is that what you mean?


That worked.

Thanks also for including a drop down arrow and description. :slight_smile:

But it’s still a two stage click to see if I’ve done learning today instead of on my home page.
Ditto to see how many words and points I have.
[Feature Request]???

And as has already been reported, we don’t like the big tick hiding the course image.


Clicking “Home” near the Beta leads me to a page that doesn’t exist. Bug (It should stay on the Dashboard as it does on the original.)

Another observation, because the course title writing is so big a font, long course names do not display.

FWiW - I still prefer the original home page and have returned to it.


I can no longer scroll down and see all my courses. They just don’t load when I get to the bottom of the page.
Two steps forward 10 steps back, ahah… :frowning:
I could use the filter to find all my courses, but it’s so unintuitive to me. I’d rather lose the streak I’ve built up…
Speaking of, another memrise feature suggestion I had: a streak freeze. Let users take planned breaks. Keeping a consistent streak is the biggest motivation to me. It even raises my mood in general in my day to day life knowing I’ve been consistently keeping a positive habit for so and so days…


I have the same problem. I cant see all my courses.


Me too. Before the change, the courses kept loading when I scrolled to the bottom. Now, only four courses show up. A bit inconvenient.

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New web dashboard… This update is not very convenient, because I can no longer see all the courses on the board, because I have a lot of them and some I learn and some I repeat. It used to be perfect, the ones I repeated moved up the board, the ones I didn’t have were lower … now they just disappear and I have to go to the general list of courses and look for them there, because they are no longer on the board, and I no longer understand what I repeated and what I did not. It was convenient that I saw and could scroll at once all the courses I work on every day on the board.

Hi all, this issue has just been fixed - let me know about any further problems.

This is being investigated too and will be fixed asap :+1:


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I have tried the new beta…I’m very afraid and disappointed but maybe I’m doing something wrong and or missing something…

When I do a classic review all that I want to see is memrise present me with the one side of the flashcard and then I MUST TYPE IN THE FULL WORD IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE…for every word this is what I want the way it works now…however I am getting typing sometimes, other times multiple choice…other times audio …PLEASE NO!!! I want to be able to type the answer for every single one…I need to learn how to spell in the new language and answer correctly…please tell me I am doing something wrong and that this is not how it will be moving forward otherwise I will not renew my membership here…ugh!!!


OMG this is what I feared…the ability to do all typing in the review now has typing/multiple choice/audio hybrid…why in the world not allow for check boxes that allow a user to have only typing all of them or two of them…I desperately need to be able to spell right in my target languages…please don’t change this…the way it works now is perfect why would you guys do this???


Ha! Just unbelievable. After years and years of telling you that I don’t want multiple choice, and here we are. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHOOSE TO TYPE ALL ANSWERS. What part of this don’t you understand?? Do you know what? I am still using memrise only because of Cooljingle’s all-typing script or I would have stopped years ago.
Also: when the wretched multiple choices are displayed, I have to scroll down to see them all.
And: when I tried ‘difficult words’ it went into learning mode.
það er bara helvítis hörmung


RE: Cooljingle’s all-typing script - Please tell me more.

Sadly, Cooljingle’s “all typing” userscript (like all the other userscripts) doesn’t work in Memrise Beta. You have to turn Beta off and revert to the previous web version of Memrise for it to work. That’s what I’ve been doing. Like many others, I have been pressing for an ‘all typing’ option in Memrise Beta. We can only hope.

If you want to try it until they make the switch on 1 January, here’s the link to the forum thread that contains the details:


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The new beta does not include the directional instructions for each word, e.g., Type the English for the German above and press Enter. My Memrise courses include both directions, English to German and German to English within the same course and this instruction helps the user sometimes distinguish between words that look the same in both languages. Can this be added back?


Can we get an all typing option? That is the only way I like to use Memrise.


I am also a user of CoolJingle’s All Typing userscript, as well as several other customizations (auto accept disabler, etc.). I am fine with losing most of these as long as the all typing one continues to work (although ideally these could also become real customization options too). If the all typing script is broken without adding official support, and there’s also no ability to code a new all-typing script (or update the existing one), then I suppose I’ll finally learn how to use Anki… Multiple choice does nothing for me.

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