New version - Speed Test -- still not there

(khx333) #1

The release notes said that there’s a new button in iOS app for speed tests but I can’t see it activated with the courses.

Would be nice to have it in for the paid version as it’s available in the free Web page and also on the Android app…

(Thomas Heiss) #2

For sure you would need the Pro subscription to get “Speed reviews” working on the mobile apps.

See their matrix:

(khx333) #3

Yes, I have the iOS pro subscription and the web UI that is free has speed reviews.

(Thomas Heiss) #4

Oh sorry, didn’t know that.
Then it is indeed missing…but at least you know that they are working on it.

JFI: What IOS device are you personally using?
I heard that some IOS tablets have a landscape mode and you can attach a hardware keyboard to them?

If you want just to test test already available Android app speed review (compared to the web speed review) you can do so by installing an Android emulator software (e.g KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu, etc.) on your computer and installing the Memrise Android app therein.

Usually you can also make use of the computer/Laptop “hardware keyword” within the Android emulator software.

Well, a big overhead…just to try something out, I agree…or you wait when it finally arrives or next version is released/fixed on IOS.

Yes, I know, you actually want to get the IOS thing fixed :wink:

(khx333) #5

I think they have it in iOS but only activated for their courses. Not all the user-generated ones. Which I doubt would not be hard to test and release as the database contents should have the same format.

So I do think this is a pure marketing driven decision not to include it for user-defined courses, to try to starve off all the non-Memrise courses.

Which is a shame as the beauty with Memrise is that you could make your own courses.

And with these kinds of marketing tricks it just back-fires and hits the company due to bad customer feedback.