New revision functionnality

Hi everybody,

I just joined the forum to propose an idea of improvement for Memrise. For courses we took long enough, we have a broad knowledge of the vocabulary and we kind of remember the words between the choices. However I find the writing tests much more difficult because this time, no hint is available. You don’t see the word and “aaaaah” it.

Therefore, would it be possible to mage a revision mode where we have only the typing exercise? With such a revision, we could assess words we actually remember and words we’re still a bit edgy on it.


Hi and welcome!

Until (and if) they do, there’s a really good userscript by @cooljingle that you can add which will let you apply ‘typing only’ to your courses. When added, you can turn it on and off for individual courses. Here’s a link to the forum post which gives you the details:


Hi alanh,

Thanks a lot for pointing that out, it’s exactly what I was looking for! :smile: