New - rebuilt Learn mode in Beta

Happy Monday everyone! The weather is warming up here in the UK and we’re keeping it hot in releasing rebuilt modes :fire::fire:. This time we’re really excited about launching the Learn Mode to beta.

Changes from alpha include:

  • A new test type mix

    • Typing tests are really important to us pedagogically. They are also something that our users love - therefore we have increased their proportion versus alpha and the current web product.
    • Versus the original version of the product, we have slightly increased the amount of tests with audio prompts, for a richer multimedia experience. However, we’ll be enabling the setting to toggle audio tests on and off in the new version of Learn in the next few weeks, so you can customise your learning to your preferences. You can find the audio toggle on the Learning tab in Settings.
  • Goals Setting at the end of a learning session

    • At the end of your first learning session in a course, you’ll get a friendly reminder to set a daily goal for the course.
    • Daily goals have been shown to increase user learning time and progression, making it easier to form a habit that takes the effort out of deciding to learn. Good habits are superpowers! Enjoy learning and continuing to hit those goals :rocket:

Up next to be released to the beta version is Difficult Words. Look out for that in the next few weeks.


Hi, Happy Monday

I am just trying the new learning session beta on pc and am replying because I think it necessary to do so.

Well done for getting rid of the timer,

That growing flower thing is really annoying as it jumps around and changes after each answer distracting the eye from the word one is concentrating on.

When finishing or exiting a learning session it is throwing me back to the course dashboard for all courses and not to the levels within the course being learnt.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Edit, before on pc one could do a learning session once and the word went through to review, on the beta it seems to be twice like the phone app, i preferred learning the word once on pc.

The word place test in review does not automatically advance when the words are in the correct order

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Interesting you are still using planting, growing & watering as well as rocket images and terms (warning up engines) (although space creatures have gone).

Personally I loved the original landscape and planting theme, which made perfect sense.