New Official Memrise Japanese (and Tagalog) Courses?

I can find most of the memrise official courses but not Japanese. Is there a reason i cant find it? Also do they have a tagalog official course planned?

I don’t think there’s an official Memrise Japanese course. All are user created. Here’s my SGJL Course List if you’re interested in something that goes beginner to advanced. Not official, but should be up there in quality and effectiveness.

I saw some officials for Spanish and French and a few others. They were added with today’s update. The update said they would have one for Japanese too. Yours looks good too. I was just wondering why they said they had one.

Many of the decks were not added today. Memrise has been releasing a few decks every few days for the past few weeks. You may need to wait a few more days for the Japanese course.

Oh okay! Thanks!

there are so many excellent courses for Japanese on Memrise, over the years an impressive number, that I wonder why one has to wait for “official” ones. Memrise is in no way accreditated with some national language testing agencies, nor are the team language teachers with years of experience, or anything similar…

Japanese 1, 2, and 3 by Memrise can be found in the respective URLs now:

Nobody said anything about using Memrise’s decks only. brimation even said Charles_Applin35’s course was good. And Memrise making official decks with professional voice acting is a good thing for many languages that do not have good user created and supported decks like French. Maybe Japanese has good decks, so Memrise’s additions are less helpful, but who cares? More quality decks are good.

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I noticed there is a mistake for breakfast in Japanese 3 course. Please fix it.

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