New official courses?

Has there been any new official courses released recently? I feel like it has been an eternity since the last release.

There are yet so many more languages to cover, and in most cases we are better off looking for other apps that even have more features.

Example, I am learning Catalan and there still is no official course for that here, but there are some other really good apps for that. I found one that is fully voiced, have like 10 different types of tasks, etc.

Is it me or has the development of Memrise slowed to almost a complete stop?

What are they even doing to stay relevant in the vast ocean of language apps? What is the future?

I can’t say anything about Memrise’s plans, but what about the community courses (you’ll have to search these via the Web as they don’t show up in the apps!)? There is some really great high quality content there!

I know about the community courses, I am using a few myself, but I find that most of them are severely outdated and next to none are voiced. :frowning:

This is probably not what you want to hear, but you can enable TTS audio with a Tampermonkey userscript (on the web) for courses where words do not have MP3/MP4a audio files uploaded.

Hmm true, but I prefer using the app on my phone. And as I mentioned there are other issues such as courses using the old format (commas to separate multiple correct words instead of semi-colons, etc.).

I’ve decided to try and make a few courses on my own, but we’ll see…