New Memrise design. Web-version. Please, help!

Please, tell me if I can go back to the previous Memrise practice design. I’ve just encountered with the new one and it is just u-g-l-y. Emotions! I assume, this topic is one of multisimilar topics and I agree to delete it as soon as I get any helpful response.
Thank you in advance and have a happy day!


Unfortunately, the developer team at Memrise believes that the new version of the site performs much better than the previous version. Every day we see people like you and me asking them to use the previous version of the site, but no one in Memrise is responsible.


We have no any rollback option? Maybe some trick in settings?


Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there is no way to return the previous version at the moment. Even with browser extensions or developer panel.

I noticed one feature in all services like Memrise. The authors of these services are too fond of creating colored interfaces, large buttons and a lot of useless and lengthy animations that they seem to forget about the main thing: people come to these sites (applications) to learn, and not to enjoy all these trends of modern site building. And all these redundant (in my opinion) elements only interfere with the learning process and distract attention. I want a simple but functional website. At least the same as the previous version of Memrise.


Ah( Thank you for response.

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The design of the page shown after the completion of a session is hideous. As for the “go you” in the completion banner, does Memrise imagine most of its users are in their early teens?


I agree on all of this, please bring the old Version back!


I would probably survive this design, but why taking away nice features? :confused:
Small stuff but I liked to see which words during the session was problematic and “jump” to difficult words section. I liked timer counting down time for answer.
I liked 3 types of leaderboard right after session cause it was motivating me to push more next time
I liked fact that I needed to intentionally press enter to confirm my answer. And ok - it was broken since last “big change” but at least there were some nice users scripts which help with learning experience.
And now it’s all gone. Good that at least I’m still able to block letters below the response field so I don’t get hints regardning answer.

I think rollback as option for old grumpy users should be possible. I see that some pages still have “old design”.
And it will be interesting to know how many users will switch back to old version if they have this option