New marketing website launching soon

Following the move of learning sessions to, we’re going to launch a new static website that will go on

This won’t affect your learning sessions in any way - they will carry on the same on

All the pages on that describe what Memrise does, and help people learn about the product and company, will change.

The main change you might notice is that if you’re not logged in, the courses navigation link will describe the courses in general for users new to Memrise. If you’re logged in, it will go to the current directory of all courses. All individual courses will appear in search engine results the same as now.

For people interested in behind the scenes, we’re using Hubspot CMS for the new site. And Django will no longer be used for content pages - as it has been since Memrise started 10 years ago!

This means non-technical people at Memrise will be able to update pages. We can improve the content more easily, and it takes work off the engineers so they can do more on the product.

The change will happen in the next few days (depending on when we finish getting all the content ready). There shouldn’t be any problems, but do post here if anything does affect you.


Hi all, just a note to say that this is now done :slight_smile:

Do let us know if you notice any issues!

Memrise team


You created a very good website! I remember some months ago there was a girl I know she was playing a kind of the same thing but it was an app or something like that. I really like the method and it is pretty interactive and dynamic. So now, a lot of people which has less time to do something interesting because of work have the possibility to spend at least 10 minutes before work for learning a new language. I should place your website on white hat community marketing so we could promote you a little big, because I really love it.

Thx, will this speed up the course pages, the download times are in higher seconds compared with similar sites?

I measured the time to full display of and it was 10.2 seconds – that with the caches in my Safari filled in as I opened the same site before (with far worse numbers)? Anyway, 10.2 seconds is very long time compared with most commercial web sites out there.

My connection is a 1Gb fiber to the net so I don’t think that’s the bottleneck.

This thread is about new marketing pages on

The gradual launch of new learning sessions will end up with us rebuilding the dashboard (, which will hopefully speed up loading time for it!


Thanks, yes keep that one of the features to implement concerning taking down the time to load pages to something more reasonable like 2-3 seconds.