New instructions? ("Click here" and "it doesn't matter if you get it wrong")

Having finaly reached Rank 15, I was surprised (on the Android App) to be told today by a big arrow, where to tap.

Then to be told it’s okay to make mistakes.

I wonder if this continues every new session or only the first with a new version of the App.


Only the first session, it seems.
(Helpful for the first few Ranks I guess.)

Perhaps it could be restricted for the first few Ranks.

FWIW, there’s a whole bunch of messages you may get repeatedly on Android.
If you turn down your volume a tad too much (which means it’s still more than loud enough here), you’ll be asked to turn up the volume upon starting a session.

Other than that try to log out and log back in. You’ll be happy to see that, apart from having lost all your settings (and often having to set some of them twice until they stick), you’ll be presented with all sorts of beginners’ messages, like how to ignore a word, being asked whether or not you like the app a.s.o.

I’ve seen them all countless times! :see_no_evil: :woozy_face:

The ‘beginners’ messages’ are designed to be shown to new users, or to ‘returning users’ which are defined as those who are logging in as the app may have changed since they last used the app. (It shouldn’t have anything to do with DW7 hitting rank 15)
Out of interest, why are you logging out and in multiple times?


I assumed that, but surprised it didn’t have an exclusion search.
(My reference was more to do with being thrilled at reaching Rank 15.)
Also I wondered it everyone got it with the updated version (ie just once).

I am not logging out and in on the App, but I do alternate between the App and the web.
And when I close my browser it logs me out.

The only time I need to log out on the App is to update a course with changes I’ve made.

Logging in and out of web shouldn’t cause the messages on Android, but regarding the app does dragging down on the course list on the Android app not refresh the course with changes you’ve made?


Because A) some bugs may require you to clear the cache (which automatically logs you off) and because B) changes to courses do not necessarily get propagated to the Android app.
I have actually seen new words in one course over the last few months or so that appeared without having to log off/on, but I didn’t care to do more testing to see whether the original bug has been fixed (no info from you guys RE the bug though).
See #2 in this thread:

It didn’t do this here, at least not reliably. Here’s something else that indicates that your processes aren’t doing what they’re meant to be:

  • do a couple of lessons with “words up for review” on Android device A
  • grab Android device B, (re-) start Memrise and look at the numbers in the course list - usually they will list the previously correct numbers (i.e.before the session on device A was carried out)

It never helped me to pull down in the course list in the above case, I had to terminate the app process and start it again.

Not always. (I agree with Olaf reason “B” above).

I have another example: I sometimes switch over to the web to learn new words (I’m far quicker on the web). When I learn 10 words on the web and switch back to the Android app, I can pull down on the course menu as often as I want - it will not know that I learned those words. I have to terminate the app and restart it.

Edit: just went ahead and changed/amended a few items in a course. Whatever I do (several refreshes in the course list, app restarted), the Android app won’t reflect the changes. The only way to deal with this is to log off and back on, resulting in all the messages being shown again, settings having gone, etc. - it’s very irritating.

There’s a way to do it without login procedure. Download selected course, after you have made corrections remove downloaded course through disactivating mode without connection (green button with check mark), then download it again. This way you will refresh corrected items.

You’re right, I completely forgot about that even though I recommended it countless times! :rofl: