New free tool to create personalized language audio trainers

Do you enjoy learning languages on the go? For example on the commute to work in your car?

I do. However, I found that audio resources for simple vocabulary training are pretty rare and when they exist often don’t have the content in terms of vocabulary that I am looking for. That’s why I created a website that lets you turn vocabulary or phrase lists into mp3 files. That way you can reinforce the exact vocabulary you are already learning with flashcards by listening to it on the go.

The website uses the latest advancements in text-to-speech technology to generate natural sounding files. It already supports seven languages (English, German, Spanish, Portugiese, French, Dutch, Italian).

Check it out and let me know what you think.



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The tool is now working also with Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Swedish.

Now with a much improved user interface. It’s now really easy to create your audio trainer. You can copy vocabulary or phrase lists directly from Excel files, Google translate or other table based sources on the web.

Hey, thanks for your work!

I’ll give it a try, I need a language trainer for sports hours

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