NEW Feature choosing the amount of words to review

(Ali S Jafari) #1

I want to request a new feature. you can choose the amount of words you want to review in the Settings part of the app. but it would aslo be much and much better if the app gave a choice of choosing an amount (10,25,50) of words right before the Classic Review starts. you could just choose an amount according the time you have… maybe you have less time so you will choose less words, or maybe the exact opposit.
You could also use this feature in all courses.
Thank you in advance.

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(Amanda Norrsken) #2

You can do this on the web version of memrise, in settings.

My “classic review” is set at 50 words per session, for example, because I know the language I am learning quite well now and 50 is totally do-able.

I think I also have the number of words to be learnt at quite a high number, too.

But these things are only available in the web version of memrise, not the app, as far as I know.

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(Lucas Heber) #3

That’s not correct. It’s possible to set the number of words you want to review and learn per session in the app configuration.

As per the suggestion of the user (select the number of words right before the start of a study session) I think you can work around it by stopping anytime you want in the middle of the started learning session. Your progress is not lost by stopping a learning session prematurely.

(SKKreativ) #4

I wish I could have the option to review words from multiple courses at once. Instead of always just a single course or level. I think it would make my reviewing sessions a lot more exciting.

(Mthierst) #5

I think that’s one of the areas where the web version is hugely ahead of the app, indeed

(Thomas Heiss) #6

I joggle back and forth between 25 / 50 and 100 reviews depending on what time (1 hour vs 10-20 minutes before streak end) review settings on the web settings.

But I also have to say, that I would welcome an option to finish a classic review setting (Cooljingle’s “all typing” userscript activated) earlier.

This was possible before with “infinite learning” userscript which is broken because of the web updates.

Now I have to press the Pause button and then I can choose SAVE, but:

This will not show me any summary points screen for the words I have already reviewed.

You know, I sometimes have this 100 words setting activated, but for different others I can not go to the very end (too difficult vocabulary, too many error repetitions, quite hard words in the current review session, etc.).

There must be a way how to correctly terminate a review session (with 50/100 words) and still being able to see the summary screen??