New Difficult Words

Let’s talk about the new three-part difficult-words lessons for the web version. They are like the app version, but I kind of hate it. I understand, in theory, that we should be sort of learning these words anew. And that works for new words. But when I simply forget a word I learned a year ago and I have to go through the whole thing, it kind of sucks. The upshot is that I used it religiously for years until today, and I already see that I am just going to skip it most of the time, which means it is going to do nothing for me. I am only one data point, which I get, but I would love the option to go back to the way it was: two separate typing tests. Also, again, I am just one data point, but if you are going to make difficult words part of pro, then there is no reason for me to pay for it anymore.


Yeah I’m going to be cancelling my pro membership as well. Difficult words was the only reason I paid for it and now they’ve ruined that feature.


Also, the whole point of spaced repetition is that moment when you struggle to find the word in your brain, and it can’t happen if they tell you the word first, so I now feel like I’ll actually learn better if I just wait for it to show up on the standard review list.


I agree. Been a paying member for 8 years just for the difficult words feature, but the new changes make it useless. I am giving memrise about a week to see if they try to respond to this problem or fix it. If not, I will be dropping my subscrption as well.


I have to agree the new Difficult words mode is just painful. I mistype a word I know and now I have to review it as if I didn’t know it. It has maybe trippled the time it took me to go through my difficult words after each classic review but hasn’t improved my remembering them.


I totally agree with all these comments. The difficult words tool was the main reason I paid for Pro, and now that they`ve ruined it I cancelled my subscription. I’m gonna give them some time, if they dont fix it, I’m gonna search for another website for language learning…


This is the main problem with the change. That struggle to recall is what makes you remember things. Giving us the answer right away before we’ve had a chance to try to remember it on our own makes the learning process less effective.

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For several years I paid for a subscription only because of the opportunity to use the “Difficult words” mode (in the form of the previous web version). Unfortunately, the web version has become like a mobile application - and it’s absolutely terrible. My subscription is paid until the summer, if Memrise does not return the previous web version by the time my subscription ends, I will be forced to cancel the subscription.


You can cancel right now and cite the reason. Your pro subscription will remain until it expires, it just won’t auto-renew. That’s all cancel means on memrise, it just means turning off auto-renew.

I already cancelled auto-renew, but that seems pretty inadequate, because I paid for a year of something that is now gone. More than anything, though, it is not the money but the frustration that something that has been a daily part of my routine just vanished, and I feel like my learning is suffering as a result. I have a host of other complaints about this version as well (timer, number of words, percentage correct, etc., all gone for no reason), but that is the most important. I am still looking for a single substantive improvement. Are there any? What exactly was the point of this change?


I agree 100%. Training has become less effective and now requires more time. Memrise used to be an almost perfect service for me. Of course, there were some things that I didn’t like, but these were usually small interface issues that were easily fixed through the browser’s developer panel or browser extensions. What bothers me the most is the realization that in addition to learning the language, most likely, I will have to make my own service for learning and repeating words and spend a lot of time on it (because I no longer believe that Memrise will return the previous version).
p.s. I also canceled auto-renewal.


I agree with you all. the new difficult words sessions are horrible, useless, too long. so unfortunately, I started letting these difficult words pile up and stopped paying attention. too bad because I liked these sessions before.


I actually like the changes to difficult words. Increased repetition helps me remember it.

Sorry, I don’t get it. As I understand, now they automatically remove a word from the difficult words after one single repetition. Before you could repeat a word dozens of times and remove it whenever you want. What are you doing exactly ?