New Difficult Words Mode now in Beta

Hi everyone! :wave: Exciting times - we are taking the next step regarding our revamped Difficult Words mode: moving it from Alpha into Beta! The version being released today:


Great :slight_smile: Being asked to re-type words is very useful


As long as it doesn’t force typing for tapping or matching only tests. :wink:


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Hello @DW7 :wave:

There are no changes on what test types are assigned to a learnable. :slight_smile:

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Placeholder script in the input field does not go away in this mode. Which makes it hard to read what I am inputting there.

I suppose that for languages with roman letters, that is fine, but for script languages like Japanese, where you input hiragana and then turn it into kanji, it is very distracting.

Could there be a better solution for this?

I have a problem with this mode - I find it to be too punishing.
A lot of the mistakes I make have to do with simple misclicks (in the Speed Review for example) or typos, and being forced to practice these words very slowly, having to retype words that I already know 2 or 3 times makes it harder to review the words that I do actually need to look at again. I preferred the old Difficult Words Mode where it allowed you to type the words first, so for words that I did know, I could get rid of them more quickly.

Hi @pastelevan
Are you aware you can un-tick the lightning bolt :zap:?

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