New design

If they ignore users too much it will lead to the death of Memrise.
From the book Code Clean by Robert C Martin a reference book for coding properly.

I know of one company that, in the late 80s,
wrote a killer app. It was very popular, and lots of
professionals bought and used it. But then the
release cycles began to stretch. Bugs were not
repaired from one release to the next. Load times
grew and crashes increased. I remember the day I
shut the product down in frustration and never
used it again. The company went out of business
a short time after that.
Two decades later I met one of the early employees of that company and asked him
what had happened. The answer confirmed my fears. They had rushed the product to
market and had made a huge mess in the code. As they added more and more features, the
code got worse and worse until they simply could not manage it any longer. It was the bad
code that brought the company down.

It look like Memrise here prioritising modifying designs over fixing bugs.


We test a lot internally.

Every other week we invite users to our office to conduct iterative UX testing on new features and designs. We also have a team dedicated to research which has been expanded recently. We do a lot of standard online UX testing practices, surveys, questionnaires, card sorting, semi-structured interviews etc.

Our exec team make weekly phone calls to users. In the run up to Decks there was several sessions with Decks powerusers… But sometimes despite the best efforts things slip.

It’s always a bit discouraging to hear such negative atmosphere towards us, but we understand. People are invested in our product that’s why they care. We’ve also grown exponentially over a year, so our processes are a WIP.

But going forward we are being as bold and empathetic towards our users as possible.


I’m glad to hear that, just being open about process is nice.
That said it seems to fly in the face of the current feedback ( not only from this thread, there are other popping up with valid, constructive concerns and it’s just started rolling out ) .
So what exactly went wrong here?
I have overarching concern regarding this, just slightly off topic. I’ve been waiting for grammar/chatbots for close to half decade by now? It gets half implemented for some official langs, abandoned, redesigned, half-released in simplified version then abandoned again.
From a paying customer perspective it doesn’t look good.
Get a grip memrise


It more looks like you hit a stonewall and decided to turn your car back off instead of trying to get through, because it’s physically impossible. In the thousand comments long thread no one (!) supported the Decks idea without the apps. You knew very well that you warned only a small fraction of users about upcoming revolution, so it was only the beginning of a pretty big downfall. Therefore your latest decision is very logical in itself.

Still it does not mean that you will actually listen to users and improve user created courses, because you are intending to build a super innovative language learning app/website for so called “tourists” (sorry, guys, no offence). You absolutely forget about the other side of Memrise two-three years ago. Look around for the requested features - you are ignoring them all for a long time. I might sound a little pessimistic, but prove me I’m wrong.


My Memrise App just updated on my phone and its new colour scheme is hurtful for long sessions. It also makes it almost impossible to study in a dark environment.

The white background, the yellow accents and the general high saturation level of the colours makes studying really unpleasant.

I use this app on a daily basis and I don’t want it to become a tiresome activity due to eye strain.

It would be good to work with ophthalmologists and optometrists if you’re looking for a new design for your App. Obviously, your last graphic designer is not using your App or he/she would not have chosen those colours.

Please Memrise, take the ocular health of your subscribers to heart and resolve this issue.


I’ve never seen so many men wasted so badly.


My comment wasn’t negative.You have users from all over the world so they can’t come to your office.I’m not saying there’s no survey created by you but I never saw one maybe you should promote the surveys better.


It’s very common in software development unfortunately

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So why then do the community guidelines not also apply to Memrise employees who have posted numerous false statements over the years?

  1. When Memrise deliberately changed the way the system handled commas, and broke hundreds of community created courses, many Memrise employees posted false statements on the forum, claiming it was a bug, asking users for screenshots, telling us they would forward our reports to “the team” to “look into it.” Months later, Ben Whately himself appeared on the forum and admitted it was deliberate change, and all of the nonsense about bugs was false.

  2. When they changed the way the system handled sentences longer than fifteen characters. Employees posted numerous false statements, asking for screenshots, etc. but it was a deliberate change.

  3. When they limited some users to using the app for only 10 minutes a day, which greatly interfered with their ability to make progress and complete homework assignments, etc., the Memrise employees came here on the forum, saying repeatedly that they were “looking into it” for a whole month, then finally admitting it was a deliberate “experiment.”

  4. When they removed the Bio fields from our profile pages, a former Memrise employee came on the forum and made the nonsensical false statement that the Bio field was made “private,” when in fact it was completely removed.

I could continue citing many more examples of false statements posted by Memrise employees to the detriment of their users over the years, but I think it is clear from those I listed that Memrise thinks that they can lie to their customers and users and deceive them with impunity, then turn around and threaten a frustrated user/customer with being banned for posting mild criticism.

Treating your users with such contempt and hypocrisy will not help you survive as a company in the long run.


@Hombre_sin_nombre Sorry to see you were not able to follow my earlier advice:

As I consider these comments offensive, and in opposition to our community guidelines, I’ve suspended your forum account for the next 4 weeks (April 12th 2019).

We welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Hopefully when you return, you will be able to get involved in the conversation without resorting to petty comments.


Thanks for the clarification! That all makes a lot more sense now. :slight_smile:

I just got the update. It’s not that bad after trying it. I like some colours that were chosen, mostly the pastel ones, and the new flowers are also nice, very poppy-like. It reminds me more of the pre-space theme.
What I really dislike of it though, because it literally hurts my eyes, is the yellow, especially for the keyboard, I can barely read the letters like that. I’d also like the colour-coded rview/learning buttons back, as they made it easier to tell first glance what was what, although I like that the main button and its icon became bigger so that I don’t mistakenly click on it as I did before. Just not yellow please.

Another point, it was said that this update was only a reskin and brought no functionality changes, but as I opened the app I got a message saying that now offline mode is for subscribers only, while it wasn’t like that before. So surely some functionality changes happened.

EDIT: after trying it out some more I don’t just like the new graphics, I LOVE them. Apart from the yelow which really needs to go, but I’m geting used even to that. But then I was never a fan of the change towards space-theme, so this is a huge improvement/return to the past for me. Very simple and functional, and not too dark unlike before.


I think that is an unfair treatment. You single out one user to punish while others showed similar behavior and have not received any notification of this kind.

Also, your personal opinion should be irrelevant and have no impact on administrating policies. Or it is offensive or it is not according community guidelines.

Why do this forum have two guidelines? In two separate places? Here and Here


@lucasheber You can find the community Guidelines Here

your personal opinion should be irrelevant and have no impact on administrating policies.

We want this hangout to be a comfortable, enjoyable one. To make it so, please be advised any threads or language that are off-topic or offensive will be removed and will potentially get you warned or banned.

As a moderator of the forum, I have made the judgement that the comments in question are in contrary of the above statement. As this topic is about the New Design (and to prevent this thread from going off-topic) feel free to send me a DM or create another thread in General Discussion if you wish to discuss this further.


Looking at the screenshots, the color use and so is fine. But so much waste of white space instead of using it for language learning. The fonts and strings are so tiny. This will not sell well with people > 40 years with diminishing eyesight.


To me fonts look bigger than before though? The sessions themselves are unchanged, but the screen with the levels and review/learn buttons have much bigger and readable fonts than before.

Yes, I don’t have access to the new design app and only looking at the scren shots in this forum but for example look at the Korean word listing above.

I do have to say that it is your very own fault that you are experiencing a sometimes latent, sometimes clear negative attitude, the reason being that you pretty much ignored requests and bug reports over a very long time. I for one am more than frustrated with the development of the Android app - apart from the lack of new features every single update seems to have introduced new problems while fixing none of the existing ones. I can’t believe none of you guys would be aware of that. The question is why this is happening continuously (I have my own thoughts there) and when you’ll finally start fixing things.

Somewhere in this thread someone wrote that what the beta presents is just a design change, there would be no other/functional changes. So you change the design without addressing any bugs again. Which leads me to the conclusion that your priorities are wrong, for whatever reason. Now I know that there will be teams working on design and other working on the development, so there might just be no correlation. But seeing how much you invest into design and marketing (Facebook, Instagram et al) while, obviously, the same doesn’t seem to apply to the development can be very frustrating. The negativity here is just a matter of venting that frustration.


A colleague made the same observation about being self orientated on that post. I was going to edit my original message - but that never looks good. Still working on forum coms, slight lack of empathy there on my part. Have a nice weekend and thanks for feedback today


I think it may be a bit smaller but I can’notice much of a difference. I tried to dig online for older screens and it looks the same, but you may be right.
In any case I was gonna say: “you can click on the word to check it well anyway” and that’s when I indeed found a readability problem. Grey on grey is pretty hard to read, I can’t recall how it was before but I don’t remember it so hard.
And I also noticed the background pictures of my memes, which are still present on the website, don’t appear on the app anymore, though I’m not sure this is the right place to say it.

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