New design

Same here. What I do most of all times now is to swipe from left to right - this has the same effect as tapping the course icon and seems to be somewhat more reliable.


I agree. It really is a horrible new design. I made myself wait a month & a bit to try to get used to it, but it’s still as unappealing as when I first started with it. I honestly loved the old design. It was just really nice to use. Ironically, they say this one is supposed to look more ‘grown up’, but it actually looks quite childish. I’m going to keep using it because the only functional impairment I’ll outline below; however the new design is not good. I really hope they god back to the old design or one like it.

Plus I think the typing randomness has been affected. The letter/characters only appear on the top bar. This happened since the switch.


Terrible design, I agree with you.


The design grew on me. I like the yellow now.

I’ve just saw the new font. It looks weak, and difficult to read. There is an unnecessary contrast between the bold “question word” and the options to be chosen.

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Ya’ll, please, you can’t keep changing the design around. I love memrise and it’s really helped me grow vocabulary, but my brain is in constant UI shock. Not to mention the UI elements that change size on hover and click — it’s a constant sanity bludgeon.


Tbh I don’t mind the most recent change today. I still prefer the old design from before the bright yellow and bubble words though.

Some of the new changes are improvements, so I’m glad for that. Lots of work still to do to fix the problem, but it’s better than it was in most ways (really the only way to truly fix it is to give it a full on overhaul or completely reverse the design change introduced in April). I miss the brighter colours in the title bars within the ‘garden’ when doing classic review or learning new words, but at least the new pastels are relatively inoffensive. (I can’t see the listening skills or difficult words as I haven’t resubscribed after cancelling due to the new design.)

The weird washed-out red for speed review is a strange choice, however. It looks like a button that’s been greyed out as inactive…before the lesson actually started I kept waiting for some kind of popup to show over it because it looked like it had been backgrounded. The bright red was too aggressive, but why not just switch to a non-aggressive colour that complements the other types of lessons, rather than just washing it out?

Still hoping to eventually see the dashboard improved, symmetricality of elements and fixing of non-centred icons, font fixes, further reduction or (better) total removal of the ugly yellow, and an engaging, rather than boring and textbookish, unifying theme.

Keep working on it, Memrise. Your past designs prove you can do better than this.


Totally agree. That’s a great summary of main issues with the app right now.


I used Memrise for over two years, with and without subscription. I would like to subscribe again but I won’t do it even with the 50% of discount. The new design is unusable. I don’t know where to click and all the details seems to be messed up together in an unreasonable way. And I’m speaking as a designer.
A perfect app ruined.


same here!

It seems to me the problem is that to reliably grab the sidebar menu, you need to touch all the way at the very left edge of the screen. And if you have a higher-protection-level case like an Otterbox Commuter or something similar to protect your expensive phone, you CAN’T, because the raised lip of the case prevents you from getting right to the very edge of the screen.

There is a tool called scrcpy that lets you remotely mirror your phone’s screen to your PC desktop, and using that and the mouse, I get the sidebar every. single. time. On the first try. 100% reliable.

The “grab area” needs to be made a bit wider. 3-4mm on an average device would be enough to solve the problem.

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My main problem was I didn’t know that is what one had to do and I was looking for a Menu or Home to get me there as it does on a pc.


It generally looks OK to me. The only tweak I’d suggest would be to remove the rocket, ‘<’ and rubbish-bin symbols from the ‘Courses’ screen.

I have no idea what hitting any of these symbols might do, and I’m particularly concerned about accidentally hitting any of the rubbish-bin symbols because of the risk of one of the courses I’ve created being deleted as a result.

Removing these symbols would leave enough white space for each course title to be fully displayed. Right now, only the first 13 or 14 characters of course titles are being displayed (at least my Pixel 3).

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Hi @Franklyn_Angie and @ian_mn, you and others may be interested in this thread which refers to the latest changes:

Improvements to the Dashboard

As this one above refers to changes in March 2019 but the one above is from January 2020 and is current.


I agree the rocket needs to go, perhaps a sun :sunny: would better reference ‘daily goal’.

I also agree with removing the bins and the sharing icons. These could be replaced with a simple universal swiping gesture that reveals the icons when needed. Once this has been implemented then there would be space for more important things such as a total of difficult words and words needing to be reviewed.

I think the profile icon on the top right corner needs to be back down on the bottom navigation bar. It is currently too small and takes away space from course titles.

A highly requested design change that still hasn’t been implemented is to change the review icons back to various colours not the current monotonous look it has now.

I also personally wish there was an option to turn off auto suggestions for the next lesson. Sometimes I would like to do multiple sessions of learning new words straight after each other, but with the auto suggestion I have to keep selecting the three dots then select the learn icon to change to what I want instead of a swift continue button.


IT WORKED! I logged in and used Memrise for the first time in months since they DOWNGRADED to the new version. Thank you! This is AWESOME!

For me the new design is great, it comes out at the same time as I renovated my house.It wouldn’t be possible without channels like this DIY TV. I think you’ll find it useful.

Yikes, haven’t been on memrise for a couple years now. At the time I thought the garden-theme was a little silly or childish in some places, but overall the energy and feeling of the website and app were both very alive and energetic!! The pendulum has since swung way too far into boring. The colors (navy blue and golden wheat or w/e) are too serious, and some of the aesthetics that try to be playful (logo font, diagonal underline when choosing between Home Courses and Groups on the top right, just feel out of place and strange.

I can see why some people might’ve been turned off by the garden and then the spaceships, but I sure do miss the feelings of possibility, curiosity, and fun. A middle ground that is not quite as quirky, while still being engaging and playful, could be possible with at least revamped colors + logo.

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