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Nope I was just so triggered I decided to do a mock up in the spur of the moment for some reason hahaha. They should atleast put back the drop shadow… :upside_down_face: My hope is that we can work out something decent and have the memrise team adopt it.


Yea the bright yellow is /r mildly infuriating


Can I post about the new MemRise App here?

I don’t use the App much (as I prefer the web for more features and information) but have dipped into it.

I have just been to the new app and I felt sure that touching the Home button (bottom left) took me to all my courses.
Touching it now has no effect! Even touching it after touching “You” just takes me back to the current course.

I eventually found I had to tap the luggage icon in the grey circle on the top left to get to all my current courses, in order to change course.

Is this correct?

Cc @anon13174193

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Previously reported. See post No 89 on 17 March in this thread and the Memrise reply at post No 99. Navigation between courses on the app is not explained anywhere that I could find and the only way I can do it is by tapping the course icon in the top left of the screen. While the app is ‘waking up’ it can take a few minutes before the course index becomes accessible. Until then, as you say, tapping the course icon only takes you backwards and forwards within the current course. So far, I have found patience to be only ‘solution’!

Afterthought: I am a bit surprised that others haven’t commented on this issue. It may be worth posting something in the Android bugs area of the forum. Navigating between courses on the app should be more intuitive than is currently the case.


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The new design is absolutely terrible! And this yellow color is impossible to look at! It is very hard to study with such colour cheme!


Thanks - just have:
Problem navigating to my "Home" page of courses (on the Android App)

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Whilst I am not too fond of this design, I appreciate what you are trying to go for. That being said, please introduce some contrast to the colour scheme- the lack of colour coding and contrasts for each section (new words - green, classic review- blue, difficult words- orange etc.) is what gave some visual functionality, and I now find it a lot less clear. Something like this, which is a small change that makes all the difference, in keeping with the less bright style.


In my opinion, the inverse numbers look childish.


I don’t like this bland new design. Heck, I would have preferred if they had pursued the space theme (tastefully) more on the desktop version.

Come on, Memrise, at least give me an option. I’m still upset at Google’s design changes, and now this


Okay, I’m really not a fan of this new design (I’m on desktop), and whereas I’m sure I’ll get used to parts of it, there are some things that just really stick out as not-so-good to me.

Why are so many things tilted? It makes me feel slightly motion sick just looking at it. That in combination with the new icons make the site look like it’s from a childrens’ game or something, and that’s not particularly appealing to me trying to study.

Why are the avatars and pictures for the courses no longer circular…? It honestly kind of looks like a mistake, like someone tried to make a circle and got it slightly off, without noticing.

The font choice itself on the buttons might be one of those things I grow used to, but all the letters are really smoshed together, and it gets hard to read. In quite a few places too elements seem to be kind of offset? Like, the numbers by the scoreboard on the left on the dashboard, the watering can icon. (Same goes for the S in the logo, but that’s not bothering me that much. Just looks odd. Meant to be a reference to “rise”?)

This one might be because I’m colour blind, but it used to be really easy for me to immediately tell the different learning options apart (new words, classic review, speed review, etc.), but right now they’re all literally the same colour to me, except for the new words button which I can just BARELY make out as slightly green. What purpose does this serve…? Same question applies to why the numbers are now tilted on those icons. Why? It just makes it harder to read them, and again, makes it look quite unprofessional.

And uh, this one I’m not as sure about, but people have mentioned there being purple somewhere? I’m guessing it’s the top bar, icons, goal tracker, etc., but those just appear black to me.

I hope I’m not coming across as rude or disrespectful here, there’s just a lot of things that feel like they’ve gotten worse from a user perspective and I just don’t get why. I’d rather just have a clean, easy-to-read design, that doesn’t tilt/offset things randomly, and that doesn’t sacrifice contrast for aesthetics, if that’s what’s happened. Having very poor eyesight in general in addition to the colour blindness, the site just became a whole lot less useable for me.

On a positive note (for me atleast), the actual review interface is still the same, and I’m hoping it remains so, but I’m guessing that’s not the case. The decks site only having parts of these changes is another motivation for me to start moving over there I guess, since I only use community created courses and have no interest whatsoever in the memrise created ones.

If this remains I guess I’ll have to write some custom CSS, but I’d just rather not have to waste my time doing that.


If you do write that custom css and are willing to share please let me know. I agree with you on all points (and am not colorblind; it is not just you) and if there is a way to override what Memrise has done and make it usable again it would be awesome.


This new design is hideous…using the app is terrible now, once the user content moves to decks, I am cancelling my subscription and if they transfer the design over to the decks, i ll just find a different way how to learn


The new design looks like it’s at least partially migrating over to Decks. The button icons made their way across at some point yesterday/this morning. With them being badly sized, it’s possible it was just a mistake - I’m hoping it was a mistake anyway. So ugly by comparison. It’s kinda heartbreaking watching this happen, especially now I see that they’ve said they’ll not be working on features for Decks at all (which sounds to me like they’re not going to overhaul audio recording). Still… I’ve been nurturing an idea for a language learning website myself, but never found the impetus when Memrise was almost perfect for my needs. I think this may have given me the kick up the backside that I needed to get to work on it over the summer. Silver linings and all that.


It looks like the people in this thread Angry about the Decks update? How to make your voices heard were able to make their voices heard about the issue with decks. Maybe something similar could be done to bring attention to the redesign?


Not sure if it’s been posted already but the App icon has now lost the purple background and rocket icon and is replaced by a lightly fried egg. :fried_egg:


The worst thing, is that they don’t seem to be listening to the users at all.

When they tested out the new layout they asked us what we thought of it. The vast majority of the users were against it.
And yet later on we get a message saying “We listened to our user and here is our new official design.”

I mean… seriously?

What about the light sensitivity users that can’t spend more than 15 minutes on it or can’t use it in darker environment due to eye strain?

What about the colour blind users that can now barely distinguish between the tones?

What about the dyslexic users who’s brain can’t process all those askew numbers and weird shapes?

What about the huge amount of users that openly commented on how horrible this new design looks?


At this point it really just feels like someone is too proud of his design and refuses to admit that it’s not user friendly at all.


why the hell cannot i not make my own quizzes anymore???

I have a huge project due which counts on my learning with memrise and now i can’t even create courses!!! completely useless

i need to make my own courses

memrise was once at the forefront of learning and now it is little better than quizlet

absolute shit

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