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(Ltkaitana) #93

I have this same problem with the design update. It is frustrating.

(SKKreativ) #94

I feel the new design lacks in a lot of areas especially in building a brand image. It also seems extremely unrefined and the colour palette is not doing any justice. I suggest Memrise takes a really good look at the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Jakob Nielsen , because there are so many elements which are lacking in regards to these heuristics. On a plus side I would like to see the plant theme come back because it makes more sense and it appears the new design slightly references it.

Jakob Nielsen

(Olaf Rabbachin) #95

This is quite interesting, but lacking more detailed information. As you have seen in this thread, an overwhelming majority has reservations, IOW expressed the exact opposite. This leads to the question what types of people you tested with. And of course it can safely be assumed that it’s important for you guys to particularly impress first time users, raising your chances to sell a subscription. But you definitely need long term users just as much. Now if whatever feedback you got while testing means that you want to stick to the new design, then why not allow users to choose from various designs? On the Web it would be a matter of providing a CSS file for each design and an option group for users to choose from. Not sure about the Android and iPhone apps, but suppose UI and design are (or can be) separated from each other. To me this doesn’t seem to be all too intricate.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #96

Negativity where negativity belongs and where it’s applicable. I’d sure like to be positive all the time, but that’s just not how it works. Silently moving away because one can’t bear things won’t change a thing and never has.

On the upside I can say that I praise where praise is due, so this is not a one way street.

(Julia Halder36) #97

Hi, I am reading this just as an interested user, no experience in UX or anything… I have used memrise for ages and am used to the colours…
Can I ask, did anyone suggest clearer icons for the different learning and reviewing modes? Are the current stopwatch etc not ok? I sort of see that the colours are a bit meaningless as there’s no reason that red = fast, yellow = difficult etc. I suppose green is for gardening, though…
Are there any other clear, universally recognised icons that could be used to easily distinguish at a glance (like… go faster chevrons or something for speed review) that might work? I can see this might be tough as well.
What do the people advocating for the colours think would help see at a glance which mode you’re about to click on and what mode you are in etc?

I am partly also curious to know how your testing goes, how many people, how representative the group is etc.

(Also… please make a night mode if you mainly a light background - everyone loves a night mode! Saves battery too eh)

(Kwarkje) #98

And of course it can safely be assumed that it’s important for you guys to particularly impress first time users, raising your chances to sell a subscription. But you definitely need long term users just as much.

I’ve voiced that concern indirectly here. Of course it’s perfectly logical from the business perspective, just the way they’re choosen to go about it risks isolating established subscribers. I know at least one that won’t stay if it keeps progressing in that direction.

(Masha) #99

Thank you for letting us know, we’ll consider changing it.

(Masha) #100

People have a choice if they’d like to follow our suggestions or choose a mode they prefer to use.

and Olaf.Rabbachin
Could you please help me to understand how colour coding is helping your experience? I agree it’s a bit easier to select a mode from the list, but I was wondering if there are other reasons as well?

(Masha) #101
  • @ltkaitana
    This sounds like a bug to me and shouldn’t be the case. Could you please share screenshots next time it happens?

UX Researcher at Memrise

(Olaf Rabbachin) #102

“It’s a bit easier” is exactly what it is. Only that it’s not a bit but “a lot”. With colour coding you only need a glimpse to know where to click to start a review session. This applies particularly in the app where is suggests the next type of lesson (i.e. review, learn, speed test, etc.).

(Masha) #103

Out of curiosity how many different modes are you using during your typical session and do you use different modes when you’re learning different languages?
We’ll consider alternative solutions to make distinguishing between modes easier.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #104

During a typical session I’ll start out with difficult words (if there are any), then I’ll review all words in the queue, all using the (Android) app. If there’s new difficult words, I’ll usually take care of those again.
Subsequently I’ll learn new words. For most courses I’ll use the app for that as well, but for i. e. the x-thousand words courses or for languages that I learn easily I tend to use the Web version as I can use a script there to flag them as learned right away (it’d be so great to have a means of doing so in both the app and on the Web without having to rely on scripts et al!).
However, for languages that do not come quite as easily (such as Russian and sometimes Danish and Swedish), I learn less quickly and tend to do more reviewing. In these cases I often use the speed review to kind of give it an additional “push”. When starting out a language, I also quite often go through the native videos as they’re fun and allow me to hear more than the regular voice(s) and voicings supplied in the course itself.

(Lucas Heber) #105

But without color coding it is difficult for people choose/select the mode they want. It is overwhelming look at those icons with the same color.

(Vikestart) #106

Isn’t that what a user friendly UI is all about though? Things being a little easier for the user?

I’ve always thought of the colour coding as a genius UI implementation from you guys, so I’ll be sad to see that removed.

It may very well be that we can do without the colours, but then you absolutely need to “blow up” the size of those icons.

Consider this comparison:

(Amanda Norrsken) #107

That is a very good point!

(Roberta Spiga00) #108

I don’t know where the first screenshot was taken, I guess something big like a tablet? I agree that in that case the icons are ridicolously tiny and out of scale compared to the screen.
But for comparison I wanted to show how that screen looks on my Samsung Galaxy, which is with icons even bigger than with your resizing to the right.

Which, at least for me, makes it easier than before to choose the right mode because the symbols are so big, why before I would click the wrong mode a lot.
(not advocating against colours, mind you)

(Vikestart) #109

That looks a lot better. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the previous screenshot might have been from a tablet. Memrise has always been very poorly scaled for tablets, all UI elements turn out too small… Hope they can improve that. :sweat_smile:

(Amin M97) #110

please change the new app design or show a way to get back to the previous version of the app.

(Olivia Zavala) #111

Thank you for the recommendation @SKKreativ, I’ll pass this to our Design team. As I’ve commented previously in this thread, we’ll soon share more information about the rationale and context of the redesign. I hope that will shed more insight into how this is helping us pave the way for the future of our products and brand. But I’m still interested to hear your thoughts on how the design lacks in terms of building brand image?

(Kwarkje) #112

@OliviaZavala Wouldn’t it be advisable to do that before it started rolling out to stable users? Unless you don’t care about confusing/angering them…