New design

I hate the new look of the app, it’s absolutely hideous, I used to love the old design why the hell did you have to go and ruin it? I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription.


Just deleted the app from my phone, it’s useless for me now. Let’s see how Decks will work on a mobile device.


The old color palette was, if I can describe that way, very exciting and dynamic. The new one is boring/lifeless and does not give an identity to the app.
I liked level becoming colorful after finishing one (in the old design), now I feel nothing, maybe more bright or blind looking them during night.


Thanks for your feedback, Marc. Sorry to hear it’s making you consider cancelling your subscription. What do you dislike in the new design?


I really like the current app design. It’s clean and simple, and not overwhelming in graphics detail, like all those trees and stuff from before. This version is very balanced… :slight_smile:


@OliviaZavala @kevin5284 @edcooke

If you really care about the design of your app and website then I think that the first thing you should do is to get rid as soon as possible of this outer space/aliens theme which does not have any connection with the learning process.

Also, for any person who has an IQ higher than a wooden table it should be obvious that this metaphor with outer space and learning new languages is not very bright, to say the least. Because speaking foreign language could really be interpreted as an alien thing. I’m not even talking about third world countries (an example here).

Maybe you outsmarted yourselves, but if I were you I would be ashamed of inventing such metaphor and mascot (is Ziggy still lives in Covent Garden?). You can return to the garden theme and for me it would be just fine.

Quote from an old topic about Ziggy (sorry, can not quote it as usual).

People who live in different countries are not aliens from the outer space. They are (we are) human beings and share the similar cultural values. I learn languages to talk to people, listen to music and watch movies, but the app tries to convince me that there are aliens with claws and tentacles there. I would not like considering either myself or other people in such way.


All fair points @Hombre_sin_nombre! And we have really been listening to this feedback and doing more research to keep improving. The quote you included is very on point: we are all learning languages to connect with people and culture. Our design should be conducive for the learning experiences that will allow us to do just that: enrich ourselves and our worlds through language. We’re working on making that happen.


@OliviaZavala Firstly. if this new design will stay I won’t renew my subscription.
Secondly, as someone who works in Design/UX, I’m just utterly shocked how bad it is and that it was approved for testing.
It’s so much worse functionally and visually that it was before, at least before it was easy to discern elements, now everything is muted pastel or same color. any UX standard thrown out of window.
My guess is that someone followed logic colours=childish, muted/mono/pastels=pro.
Get rid of this simpleton, my free advice, and just hire someone who can use well known readilly avaiable UX standards, guidelines.
That being said, getting rid of the aliens is an improvement.
Just reverted the app to an earlier version.


The new UX design with iOS mobile apps is indeed wasting space with huge areas of no drawing and small font sizes for the target language. The starting point for any language learning program is to clearly draw text. This is also true of the built-in keyboard, the fonts inside that one are tiny and I struggle to see the text even with my new prescription glasses, not to speak of my normal sized fingers hitting wrong buttons.


@Hombre_sin_nombre Not sure if you’ve seen the new design of an app which was released in beta hours ago, they’ve got rid of the aliens, but besides that it looks so much worse now… Just lifeless and discouraging


I’m somewhat confused. I just checked and my app is up to date on the Google Play Store, and it looks the same way it always has. If the design does change that’s unfortunate, however to me the functionality is much more important. Are you angry because of the pure anesthetics of the app, or are the features different or not as good as before? As long as it does what it’s supposed to, I’m not very concerned about whether it has the best color scheme possible. Thanks in advance for the clarification, and I guess we’ll see what I think when the app finally updates for me.

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The iOS app was updated yesterday but it has the same rocket-ship look. And as usually the release notes are college dorm jokes rather than telling what was fixed and changed.


@pochojoel As I said, I’m in beta program, don’t think it’s rolling to stable, hopefully.
The changes are visual, but they affect functionality. The new color scheme looks like something for a colorblind person, muted, severely limited colors to a few dull pastels. This of course can work, I’ve seen it done in a few apps, not in this case. I’ll give you one example. Review types: before they were clearly distinguished by their color, red for a speed review etc. now they’re all pale blue.
There’s more of it, in short, it’s just all blends together for the sake of aesthetics with total lack of regard for functionality.
The overall direction is fine but the execution is shitty
Don’t even get me started on accessibility of it.
Easy solution, make it optional. If theme switching is too hard for y’all to implement, well…


You are right.


Keeping this design is very likely. They went through a complete rebranding lately and used a lot of resources changing the design of all the platform (web and app) using this hideous color scheme and pale blue icons. Hey! Let’s face the bright side, space theme is gone.

I hope get a dark/night mode at least.


Dark mode would be one of the saving graces, I’m not counting on it, my expectations fell through the floor seeing this update.


I was just considering starting a subscription and recommending the service to some friends who I know could benefit from Memrise, but the app looks ridiculous now.

Please, I’m begging you, give us the option to use the old version. It looks too childish and poorly designed. The old one was perfect for learning, and could have been updated with new colours/branding, whilst keeping the key aspects that make the design successful in the first place.

I really want to continue using Memrise, but I think it will be too much of a struggle now.

Please prove me wrong <3


As far as I know, it isn’t updated on the google play store. Would anyone mind sharing a screenshot? I’m curious haha


Oh, I understand now.

How bad is new design on a scale from 0 to 10? Could you share a screenshot?

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I’ve already cancelled my subscription after the Decks announcement but now I’m deleting the app altogether. It was fine the way it was.