New Course Showing More Words Than In Database

(Ieuan ab Arthur) #1

I have created a new course to help my Welsh students review a lesson. As this was my first try at creating a Memrise course, I tried different numbers of words until finally settling on 12. However, when I look at the course on my dashboard, it seems to think that there are 13 words:

When I look at the course detail, it shows that there are the 12 that I want. I would add a screen capture of that, but the form will not allow me (“new user”) to add more than one image.

How do I convince Memrise that there are only 12 words in this particular course.

Thanks for any help.


(Ieuan ab Arthur) #2

See the thread about “Eliminating Phantom Entries” [Userscript] Attempt to Eliminate Phantom Entries for a solution to this issue