New course: English for kids

I have published a course named “English for kids”. It contains about 1000 words and is based only on audio and pictures. It could be used by a learner from any language, but since I had to select a oritign language I picked French. I added the translation of most of the words in French, although it is hardly necessary. I used Mr.Men/Miss Little characters for some more abstract words, for them the translation is probably necessary.
I am not completely happy with the course : I built it progressively while my kids where learning and the first level (animals) has become huge. There is unfortunately no way for now to split it in two or more.
It is mainly a British-english course. In some cases however I picked the American word. The audio is either British or American accent, depending on the best recording I was able to find.
I’ve been using it with my kids for a couple of weeks now. They are 5 and 7 and have been able to learn the entire vocabulary. It is not a perfect 2-way knowledge as they can tell the meaning when they hear the english word, but not necessarily the other way around (probably 30% or less). Still I was quite amazed by the speed at which they were able to learn. I have to decide now on the best way for them to keep progressing (they know a lot of vocabulary but cannot make a sentence). Some of the words were added because they asked me for it. I also had to select words they already knew in French.
If you dare have a look, I am very open to suggestions to make the course better. It took me some time to gather the material for the 1000 words and I am very pleased to share this course.


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A link to the course?

You could duplicate the level that’s too big and then thin out the resulting two levels.

Duplicating a level and then deleting words would unfortunately result in a loss of history for the learners.

No, it wouldn’t as long you keep all words in the course. I’ve done this several times in my own courses.

You could make another small course and test this if you don’t believe me.

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Great advice, thanks ! Any way to perform the opposite operation (merging two levels) ?

No, sorry.