New course - British cuts of meat

Recently there was a course for learning the different cuts of pork, beef and lamb: unfortunately the course creator decided to delete it.
I missed it so much, I decided to re-create it for anyone else who was missing it and it can be found here :



This seems a fantastic course =)

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@albo2albo ~ since you are taking one of my courses, I am returning the favor and taking this one. I have to admit I don’t quite understand all the British naming conventions, but it is a good course. Thanks for re-creating it !

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@albo2albo ~ looks like your course did not sync properly for the word count. The level counts total 60, while the course count totals 51 (one of the pork levels did not sync). There are a couple of ways to get the course to sync, but here is how I generally do it:

Click on the “Edit Course” button, open up a level (doesn’t matter which one) click on the “Show/Hide” button, but don’t change anything. Then just click on the green “Save and continue” button. Then see if your course count has sync’d (to 60 in this case). If it has, then all is cool. If it didn’t, then go back into edit mode in a level, go to the last entry of that level, and just add a space character at the end of the entry. Then click on the “Save and continue” button. Then check your course total. It should sync. You can then decide if you want to go back into edit mode and remove the extraneous space character, or leave it. It has no effect on a typing course, or how the entry appears in the database.

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@pdao Managed to fix it - great spot - many thanks !

Looks good on this end too. Have a great day !