New Classic Review mode now in Beta

Thank you!

The UI is terrible, as if we all are blind or stupid. Enormous buttons don’t have any additional information on them, don’t have even icons. How to switch off audition? I don’t need such kind of testing and most educational resources provide this facility.


I agree with the previous comments. Typing tests are much more useful than the multiple choice tests for classic review. I do not feel like I am learning as much and if I am not sure of the word’s meaning, I’ll have to go look it up afterwards. The multiple choice responses make it too easy and it is not testing my recall but rather my ability to recognize. Cued recall is much easier than having to generate the word from my first language.
I also dislike the fact that you don’t get a score (% correct) at the end of the classic review. The number of points does not tell me anything about my actual performance, whereas if I get 98% I know I got one wrong out of 50 and if I get an 80% I know I got 10 words wrong. Much better to know that than to get
(wow!) 7000+ points!

I do like the addition of dictation style questions in Learn New Words but feel that is less useful in the classic review. Also it is problematic when the recordings are unclear, like so many, or with a language with tons of homonyms like Chinese or French.


Memrise, please bring back 100% typing tests. I’ve been using Memrise for some 6 years now and it’s the best thing out there PRECISELY because of the typing tests. To me, the typing tests have proven to be the only effective way of learning both vocabulary and syntax. Without the typing tests your product is, as many said before me, pretty useless. There are countless apps that work in the multiple-choice mode. You stand out because of the typing tests. That’s what pushes the brain to actually work and produce the language actively. Multiple-choice reviews only test passive knowledge.


good thing that I’m not the only to complain about the new interface. I don’t think multiple choice quiz is the way to go. it is much too easy to guess the right answer and we are not using Memrise to score lots of points but to learn… the hard way !
please let us use the old system forever :slight_smile:


I agree with zarraroja and morger. I’m in a really good drive with the current classical review and I find that multiple selections are not a good review as it’s way too easy to infer the correct answer from the selection. Learning to type is also very important.

Please allow us to select the kind of tests we do. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to include such settings.

What would be great additional feature would be to have the ability to study all aspects: translation <-> reading <-> word.


The whole reason I use Memrise is because it lets me type the answers. If it goes multiple choice then they have killed it for me.


It’s already been written here, but I want to emphasize because it’s the thing I use all the time: NumPad! Please, make it work again. It’s really inconvenient not being able to use it.

Also on my not so new 1600x900 screen the flash cards look enormous almost! I’m probably behind the times with my screen resolution, but it would be nice to have options to adjust these things.

I’ve commented over in the other thread but I’m leaving thoughts here as well. Please, please reconsider this set of changes. @srahl has this exactly right when it comes to what your users value and what they don’t.

Please stop fiddling with the design and focus on the fundamentals. Concretely, that means:

  1. Drop this redesign entirely. These forums aren’t full of people giving you glowing reviews or even people giving you bug reports about minor issues. Please take a beat and try to understand that. Instead of the kind of feedback design changes typically receive, your users are telling you that big, fundamental decisions are wrong. (Such as the changes to typing tests.) That should be a huge red flag.

  2. There are serious performance problems with Memrise which aren’t a function of design. Namely, performance of the application can be abysmal. (5-10 second page loads aren’t uncommon.) This might not be the most appealing class of issues to spend your time fixing but addressing it would help your users in impactful ways.

  3. There are still a litany of unsolved bugs with the application itself, such as cases where Speed Review tries to launch for courses which don’t support it, or cases where courses sometimes can’t be completed when items are ignored. There are open issues for these (and other bugs) which don’t seem to be receiving attention and one wonders if the redesign is taking priority.

I do regret having to be so direct but many of us have made significant investments in Memrise and really want to see the service succeed. I know it probably hurts to have a design that I’m sure you’re excited about be poorly received, but moving forward here would only compound the problem. Please take some time to listen closely to your users, to regroup, and find a path forward that’s best for Memrise and for its users.


Fortunately, it is possible to turn it off for now and I hope you will keep it like that. I think if you want to create a new mode, it could be better to have it not instead Сlassic review, but as one additional option. It is too big for the screen of my laptop, I always have to scroll. Also, I prefer typing more, because it helps me remember words better.


Hello, is it possible to implement a “typing only” option in Beta? I use a script for this, but in beta the script doesn’t work anymore. I’m probably not the first to suggest it, is there a desire at Memrise to implement this at some time?

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why in the world did you even consider changing the classic review???

I logged in today as I have for several years and had to deal with this beta version of classic review which fortunately I was able to figure out how to turn off.

But when I used it my God is it horrible.

For the love of God if I want multiple choice and or listening tests I’ll go to that mode or use a deck that is no typing. IN A TYPING DECK I WANT TO USE TYPING SO I CAN LEARN HOW TO WRITE AND SPELL IN THAT LANGUAGE!!! STOP MESSING UP A GREAT PRODUCT FOR NO REASON!!!


for the love of God don’t get rid of typing tests in classic review.

If I want to do multiple choice I’ll go to a non typing deck…if I want audio I’ll go to the listening and audio review…DON’T GET RID OF TYPING ONLY IN CLASSIC REVIEW. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

I should be studying a language but instead I am wasting my time here hoping you don’t ruin a perfectly good product…quite frankly the best language learning product out there…knock it off!


On the Web Classic review Beta with courses with Multiple Images, I am still being marked wrong and shown the “correct” answer despite getting it right.

This problem ► Launching: Classic Review alpha - #45 by DW7

eg in this course ► Common & Native Plants of Britain - by marysiakay - Memrise

This is not the same issue as reported with the ► Android App multiple images ◄ .

Also it is showing me random images and not the top image as before.

I can confirm this behavior as well. Needless to say, this is a really, really bad bug. This should not be the default experience for users while bugs like this exist.

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So basically the Web and Android App are no longer working as expected so I have (sadly) turned off all the settings in order to revert back to the original on the web.

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I hate it! For learning Hebrew typing is so essential and it barely asks me to do that anymore. Not to mention that there are multiple fonts and everything is too big on my laptop. I switched back to the regular version immediately.


Please let us use the keypad to answer questions! the numbers above the regular keyboard section work but keypad seems no longer compatible in the beta.

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This new version is very uncomfortable for me. I was really happy with the old one, no complains. It will be very sad, it it won’t be available in the future. I’ll have to quit.


+1 to keeping the classic typing review. The main reason for using memorise for me was the typing tests. I can’t work out how to get back to them…