New Classic Review mode now in Beta

I’ve commented over in the other thread but I’m leaving thoughts here as well. Please, please reconsider this set of changes. @srahl has this exactly right when it comes to what your users value and what they don’t.

Please stop fiddling with the design and focus on the fundamentals. Concretely, that means:

  1. Drop this redesign entirely. These forums aren’t full of people giving you glowing reviews or even people giving you bug reports about minor issues. Please take a beat and try to understand that. Instead of the kind of feedback design changes typically receive, your users are telling you that big, fundamental decisions are wrong. (Such as the changes to typing tests.) That should be a huge red flag.

  2. There are serious performance problems with Memrise which aren’t a function of design. Namely, performance of the application can be abysmal. (5-10 second page loads aren’t uncommon.) This might not be the most appealing class of issues to spend your time fixing but addressing it would help your users in impactful ways.

  3. There are still a litany of unsolved bugs with the application itself, such as cases where Speed Review tries to launch for courses which don’t support it, or cases where courses sometimes can’t be completed when items are ignored. There are open issues for these (and other bugs) which don’t seem to be receiving attention and one wonders if the redesign is taking priority.

I do regret having to be so direct but many of us have made significant investments in Memrise and really want to see the service succeed. I know it probably hurts to have a design that I’m sure you’re excited about be poorly received, but moving forward here would only compound the problem. Please take some time to listen closely to your users, to regroup, and find a path forward that’s best for Memrise and for its users.


Fortunately, it is possible to turn it off for now and I hope you will keep it like that. I think if you want to create a new mode, it could be better to have it not instead Сlassic review, but as one additional option. It is too big for the screen of my laptop, I always have to scroll. Also, I prefer typing more, because it helps me remember words better.


Hello, is it possible to implement a “typing only” option in Beta? I use a script for this, but in beta the script doesn’t work anymore. I’m probably not the first to suggest it, is there a desire at Memrise to implement this at some time?

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why in the world did you even consider changing the classic review???

I logged in today as I have for several years and had to deal with this beta version of classic review which fortunately I was able to figure out how to turn off.

But when I used it my God is it horrible.

For the love of God if I want multiple choice and or listening tests I’ll go to that mode or use a deck that is no typing. IN A TYPING DECK I WANT TO USE TYPING SO I CAN LEARN HOW TO WRITE AND SPELL IN THAT LANGUAGE!!! STOP MESSING UP A GREAT PRODUCT FOR NO REASON!!!


for the love of God don’t get rid of typing tests in classic review.

If I want to do multiple choice I’ll go to a non typing deck…if I want audio I’ll go to the listening and audio review…DON’T GET RID OF TYPING ONLY IN CLASSIC REVIEW. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

I should be studying a language but instead I am wasting my time here hoping you don’t ruin a perfectly good product…quite frankly the best language learning product out there…knock it off!


On the Web Classic review Beta with courses with Multiple Images, I am still being marked wrong and shown the “correct” answer despite getting it right.

This problem ► Launching: Classic Review alpha - #45 by DW7

eg in this course ► Common & Native Plants of Britain - by marysiakay - Memrise

This is not the same issue as reported with the ► Android App multiple images ◄ .

Also it is showing me random images and not the top image as before.

I can confirm this behavior as well. Needless to say, this is a really, really bad bug. This should not be the default experience for users while bugs like this exist.

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So basically the Web and Android App are no longer working as expected so I have (sadly) turned off all the settings in order to revert back to the original on the web.

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I hate it! For learning Hebrew typing is so essential and it barely asks me to do that anymore. Not to mention that there are multiple fonts and everything is too big on my laptop. I switched back to the regular version immediately.


Please let us use the keypad to answer questions! the numbers above the regular keyboard section work but keypad seems no longer compatible in the beta.

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This new version is very uncomfortable for me. I was really happy with the old one, no complains. It will be very sad, it it won’t be available in the future. I’ll have to quit.


+1 to keeping the classic typing review. The main reason for using memorise for me was the typing tests. I can’t work out how to get back to them…


@bozavine To switch back to the old version follow the instructions given in the first post of this thread :slight_smile:

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I really do like both versions of the Classic Review modes but I have some things to say.

I don’t know if this happens to others since I haven’t seen other people talk about it but on my Chromebook, whenever I use the multiple-choice questions, the correct answer isn’t there half of the time so it isn’t possible for me to get the correct answer.

Speaking of multiple-choice questions, I feel like this should just stay in the speed reviews. In the Classic Review mode, I want to try and recall the words but the multiple-choice questions just help me guess or recognize the word. The multiple choice is too easy.

Also, I enjoy the listening exercises because it helps with my listening comprehension. I would listen closely and I will hear a little え or る and it gets easier to listen to these little sounds the more I listen. But the thing is, the listening exercises helped me be able to pick out different sounds, it doesn’t help with my recall at all, sometimes I don’t even know what the word means but I was able to sound it out. I wish there was a way to also test the translation whenever there are listening exercises.

I kind of like the older version more but I’m not really angry about this and I’m too lazy to go in my setting and opt out so I guess I’ll stay in the new Classic Review

I’m enjoying the new classic review. Nice to have something new and different. Appreciate the variety.


  • Please include typing tests as part of the mix during classic review.

  • Please include information on errors at the end of the session.

  • Please retain some ability to turn this off. Many of my courses have multiple items with the same exact pronunciation, but different spelling and meaning). Those courses will not be reviewable with this format.

  • Please revert speed-review to giving 25 points per word. Points have been a useful tally of effort, useful for setting goals, but at 150 points per word in speed review, the points are no longer useful for personal goal setting.


The classic review allows you to turn off audio tests if you need to. I frequently use a computer on which the audio does not function properly so I have to turn those off (there’s the little, “turn this off for 30 minutes” button on the bottom of the audio tests). From what I could tell in the Beta, that option was not available. That alone would render Memrise unusable for me.


Again, you need to get rid of the “Type out what you hear tests” from Classic Review… They don’t work very well there. They belong in Listening Skills mode.

To reiterate; just because I can manage to spell out the sounds of the word, DOES NOT mean that I actually know that translation, which is what learning vocabulary is all about.

If I only see the word every few months (at some point it will be only every 6 months), then it’s a huge waste to give me this test. I don’t actually learn/recover the meaning of the word with this test.

This is such a deal breaker that if this makes it from Beta to Live, then I will cancel my subscription and leave Memrise behind for good. Sorry to put it like that, but this issue is just too big. And it’s so infuriating that you guys won’t comment or recognise this issue.


I have been a long time user and advocate of memrise…if this atrocity known at the beta version of classic review becomes a reality I will join you in leaving forever and seek out another tool.

Memrise is hands down my favorite app and I have always publicly supported it and referred other to it…this would be a way to kill a good thing…if you won’t these ridiculous features then create a new mode and if anyone wants to use it God bless them…leave classic review alone!!!


Could we get an official response on whether this is the direction the devs want to go or if they will listen to the feedback? I just want to know if it’s worth continuing to invest time here or if I should start moving over to something else like Anki.


Another voice saying please keep a typing-only option for review. It’s a vastly higher level of recall than most of what’s in the new Classic review, and a real strength of the old format for me if you want to really learn a topic.