New account created for the same email address?

(Madeinlachine) #1

I was trying to log in on my memrise web account today but a new account has been activated instead of logging me in my existing account.

While It’s already been frustrating that I couldn’t use “learning new words” with my web version, and now I can’t move forward to another level because there’s bug error poping up when click “learning new words” on my iphone. (“There is nothing to learn in this game mode. Please try a different one”.

I’ve already submitted the bugs with the required form, but haven’t received any solution so far. As a paid user, it’s very disappointing with so many bugs happening all at once.

(BlackParis) #2

Morning! First of all, all Iphone users need to pay the pro version to learn new lenguages, not in android not in web, just in iphone.

Second, if you’re struggling, just create another email for memrise, if you feel tired doing all steps to create a Gmail Account. I recomend you a temporaly email You don’t need password.

(Madeinlachine) #3

Hello, I’ve already subscribed to the yearly subscription…
Can you please clarify this?


(BlackParis) #4

You already paid? If that’s the case, you should talk with Memrise by email, They’re gonna help you and solve your problems!

(Madeinlachine) #5

Yeah, i’ve reached out to the support team by filling the bug reporting form, but haven’t received any response from them. :frowning:

Have you had success with reaching out to them directly and received response?


(BlackParis) #6

I never talked with the support team, but you should chagne the email in settings,