Nested cards / items

I have a suggestion! Could you please incorporate nested cards/items? For example: you could have a card that teaches the phrase “你做了什么?” and nested under that card you could have separate cards for “你”, “做”, “了”, “什” and “么”. Obviously this helps you learn each character independently but here’s the great part! If you get one (or possibly more) characters(or words, etc) wrong then it marks that question AND THAT/(THOSE) words as incorrect and retests that(/those) words before retesting on the sentence again. In this way you retest ONLY the words you are struggling with. Say you miss 3 out of five. Instead of being drilled on that whole sentence, the learning curve is reduced by helping you remember the individual words you are struggling with independently. Please please please add this feature!! It’ll help learning languages so much easier and faster! :slight_smile:

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Not a great idea. Have vocabulary cards and have example sentence cards treated separately. For my Japanese series, I have a course for Kanji (English keyword to character recognition), Grammar with example sentence (English sentence, find correct Japanese sentence), Vocabulary (English prompt, type in correct answer), Vocabulary example sentence (Japanese audio, find correct Japanese sentence).

Now, another option is have Clozed Deletion cards. That would be the above phrase repeated 5 times, with one character removed. This is great to test and encourage remembering phrases. It also keeps the “one point of failure per card” concept one should keep in mind when design SRS decks.

If you have five points of failure per card you have the possibility of going through five times as much content in the same time, and you are exposed to five times as much new content. What’s wrong with that?

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Again, see my second paragraph on clozed deletion. If you think each character is equally important enough to also fail five individual character cards, then present the same sentence five times. Either underline or cloze delete a different character in each that Memrise treats as the point of failure. Now, I don’t know how you’re testing these cards but for Anki, this is a lot easier since it’s up to the reviewer to say if they were wrong when presented with the answer.

Thanks for you reply. This didn’t answer my question though.

Thank you for your replys. Could you expand on why it’s “not a good idea”? How would the idea of having nested vocabulary words within sentences be a negative thing? My idea doesn’t sound that much different than clozed deletion. Except once all the words in the sentence have been planted then you could test first with the sentence then depending on which words you miss retest only those words. Best case scenario you ace say 7 words ALL those words get watered in one fell swoop. Best case scenario now you have to water all 7 individually plus the sentence itself. That’s an 800% less efficient way and that’s just one sentence!