Need some help please, Im getting confused and lost about some things

Hello everyone, Im new to memrise and to this forum. My question is this, Is there a course on memrise or a good study guide/book for learning proper grammar such as punctuation, when and where to use certain things. For instance when you have a character like て its simply that (TE) but when you add " it turns into で (DE). And when you have a word like kakkoii desu the tsu “extends” the k sound.

Im only using the memrise app courses and just found out today theres so many other courses. This one is just straight hiragana and I think its romanized? and Ive heard thats bad to learn from. It only has some kanji but doesnt teach me how to pronounce them and to break them down and read them when they form one character.

I am grasping hiragana though Id say ive got it down to about 65% but I still cant recall a lot of it and cant write it from memory, but when I see it Im able to slowly read it and figure it out. would you suggest I keep going and master hiragana before I attack kanji and katana?

Id really appreciate it if someone put me on the right track for learning japanese properly. I thought I was doing ok but now Im not too sure.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and help me out!

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