Need Pause/Save During Review

(Bushaw) #1

May also be needed for learning new content.

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

Yup! I agree, I had a brief go on Decks today, it was a “learn new words” session and I noticed that the pause button was missing. It’s handy if you have to get up and answer the phone or go to the loo, or whatever :smiley:

(Chiacchierone) #3

As a workaround in the meantime, if you answer a question correctly and then press the ‘see answer’ button before it moves on to the next question, you can pause on this screen without worrying about a timer :blush:
But I agree it’d be great to have the pause button back again!

(Kbrady8) #4

I agree as well - there is definitely a need to a pause button. Please reinstate as it was in Memrise.

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(Kevin Memrise) #5

Thanks @Cianfrusaglie @amanda-norrsken @Chiacchierone @kbrady8 I think this got accidentally dropped when we were making the learning session mobile friendly.

We’ve created a bug for it and will let you know when it’s resolved

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(Ian) #6

Hi @kevin5284 - this may be obvious, but once the pause button is added to the Decks version, I would like the “save and exit” button to appear under the big play button during a pause. This is very useful feature for when I suddenly recognise the need to edit a course during a learning or review session. Here’s a current Memrise screenshot that illustrates what I mean. Thank you.

(Amanda Norrsken) #7

Same! I then have time to hit “edit” on a particular word!

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(DW7) #8

This is my temporary work-around:

Decks website is live!

(Diana) #9

Yes, please @kevin5284 let us know when you add the pause button in Decks. :pray:t2:

Thanks, @DW7 for the workaround. :raised_hands:t2:

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(Namste) #10

Rather than pause/save, what I’d love, and kill for, is an option to remove the review timer in the desktop version of Decks. There are no timers in the app so why is there such a thing on desktop, I never understood it. The timer is especially cruel on courses focusing on sentences in a language that uses a different keyboard layout. Sometimes I barely make it half way through the sentence when the timer runs out.

Edit: Just noticed that there is a poll going on for this over at Poll: Should we remove the timer from the Decks website?.

(Francis (Memrise)) #11

We’ve just done a release, and the pause button is back. Also hearts in speed review, and the header should work well at mobile widths.

Let us know if it works for you!

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(DW7) #12

Hi @frabcus_memrise as I commented > here < earlier

THANK YOU - for adding the “PAUSE” button (together with the “Save and Exit” option) on the web Decks. And it takes you correctly to the course intro page not one’s own home page :smile:

PS - It now actually takes you correctly to the course LEVEL page :+1: