Need help voiding a transaction ASAP

(Plae Yuan) #1

Dear Admin,

I have cancelled my pro subscription today (26 July 2018), where the auto renewal for the annual subscription is supposed to happen tomorrow. However I’ve still been charged to my credit card for the new subscription period. I need help cancelling that transaction on my card. I tried sending an email to Memrise but seem to only get automatic replies. Thank you.

(Baite) #2

Just saw a post of a few days ago:
Need Refund ASAP.

(Memrise Support) #3

Hi @PlaeYuan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please note that for recurring subscriptions, Google can pre-authorise your form of payment 24 hours before your subscription is supposed to renew, but won’t actually charge you until the next day -

According to our records, the amount was authorised by Google, but you weren’t charged as the subscription had been cancelled before it could renew.

If you were charged, the amount should be reversed soon.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for trying Memrise Pro and happy learning with the free plan.

Best wishes,
Memrise Team

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