Need advice from someone who uses Dominic System

Hi everyone!

It’s my first post on this forum so hello :slight_smile:

I have been practicing on remembering the 100 people for a long time and I can now link two numbers to each one almost instantly but I have one issue called “Memory Palace”…

I struggle with how to build it:

Option one: Creating many small memory palaces that each one will hold around 20 numbers. I believe that it’s the most practical option for day to day use but I believe I will have an issue with remembering what I put in each location.

Option two: Create big memory palace (around 300-1000 numbers) and use it to store many numbers without delimeters. If I choose this option, then I will have problems separating short sequence of numbers.

Maybe It’s possible to create a loci that holds loci inside and enable me to separate many shorts sequences of number and remember them in order.

What do you think? How did you implement it?