Nav Bar (Bad Design Decision)

There seems to be a trend with every update that the icons in the bottom nav bar are disappearing. It’s unfortunate because having the various pages available at the bottom of the screen made it super easy to click on the desired page in the app. What I don’t understand is if you are going to remove some of the icons at the bottom, why keep the most useless one still there? I am referring to the home page icon. The user is instantly on the home page when they open up the app and if they are in other pages like the explore tab or profile tab they simply click the ‘X’ button to return home so there is no need for a home icon.

Another issue with the new layout is the profile icon being placed on the top right corner. Not only is it annoying to constantly adjust my grip to reach the button when I am using just one hand (this can be an issue for other large phone users), it also appears the icon gets squished with courses that have a long title.

Overall I personally think the following below should be displayed as icons in the bottom nav bar:

Learn (opens up current courses)
Search (opens up available course to learn)
Explore (opens up the camera feature)
Profile (opens up the users profile)

These are four tabs which will not only be functional for effortless navigation across the app, it will also aesthetically look nice evenly spread across the bottom bar.

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Is that an iOS device? My (Android) homes creen looks pretty different:

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Yeah I am using iOS with the version 3.1.20 of the Memrise app. I do remember the iOS app looking exactly like your example some time ago (minus the pencil looking icon).


I agree with this idea.

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