Naming survey!

I’m interested in creating a website or blog or YouTube channel about learning ASL, basically expanding on my courses’ multimedia levels and answering FAQ’s that were asked in the old forum. Which names do you like the best for this sort of thing? Feel free to reply with additional name ideas! :smiley:

  • ASL Love-It!
  • Hacking ASL
  • Handy Signs
  • What the ASL!

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@Diana.S ~ this is a great idea. I hope it works out for you. Please send us all a link to whatever you decide to do, as I’m sure MANY would be interested.

As for names, I am the author of several blogs myself, and at one point I was so inspired by your ASL1 course that I thought of creating one for myself and was going to call it “Hands-On ASL” (I thought it was rather imaginative, as well as informative). I never got around to it, but still like the title.

Good luck with whatever you choose ! :raised_hand: :thumbsup:


I like pdao’s suggestion of Hands-On ASL the best. Good luck :relaxed:

Thanks for everyone’s votes and comments so far! Unfortunately “Hands On ASL” is already an active Facebook page, but thanks for helping me brainstorm! :thinking: :thunder_cloud_rain:

@pdao, I would love to hear what kind of content you would imagine for something like this, or to have you guest post if this gets up and running :slight_smile:

How about "Finger Talkin’ " or something along that line ? (It’s probably taken too)

Thank you, for the positive comment. I’m afraid my desire for wanting to learn ASL (and create the blog) probably has a limited audience (hearing impaired Christians). My heart goes out to someone who cannot “hear” The Word being taught, but maybe could be reached if they could somehow “see” The Word (through signs).

Not every church or community group has the staffing (or volunteer) capacity for hearing-impaired outreach, so this desire was laid on my heart a while ago. (I have a very dear friend who is actually doing this now in the US, and she is totally jazzed at the fruit it is bearing.) I thought that a blog (including photos and videos) could help reach people anywhere, at anytime. Maybe it was just a pipe dream for me, but it doesn’t have to be for others who are truly gifted, such as yourself.

Our move to Taiwan however kind of put the ASL desire on the back burner, so now I just have to try my best to keep up with my learning before it becomes too rusty. Your courses are excellent. Maybe someday I can utilize the signs - who knows what doors He will open. I am ever the optimist.

I did a little research, and I believe there is a TSL equivalent (Taiwanese Sign Language) so who knows. But heaven help me, the written/spoken languages here (Mandarin and Taiwanese) are difficult enough as it is. To try and learn TSL might overwhelm what little brain cells I have left. But again, one never knows.

I wish you great success with whatever road you take, and I have faith that no matter what it is, it will reach and enrich many, many lives. Blessings to you as you use your gift.

I am also hoping you will keep everyone updated. I’ve noticed on language forums that most people who have not studied ASL have a lot of misconceptions about it - including that it only involves hands. Whatever you wind up going with I hope you choose something that does not include “Hands” in the title.

Hi Diana,

A few name ideas are:

  1. 12345 ASL Communication

  2. You choose ASL

  3. Diana A S L

  4. Hands Up! ASL!

  5. Whispering ASL Training

Have a nice day.

Good luck with choosing a name !:relaxed::sunflower:

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I like “ASL ASAP” and “Handy Signs” of the listed choices. “Finger Talkin” and “Hands up! ASL!” are cute too.



They are all good names.