Mystery points

The bug that was causing the points after sessions should now be fixed, can you please now refresh your browser and report if you still see issues? We’re now investigating revoking the points gained.


my course has a new all-time leader after they got 24million point in 24 hours

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the person second is also a hard worker as they now have over a billion all-time points


hth do you get 655k words???



For me it has not been fixed. I still have 12394 learning events for 3 May 2022.

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I’m still seeing it, my primary browser is Firefox, I’m seeing the same in Chrome and Vivaldi.
Two of us with bonus points on this one: Michel Thomas French Complete - by jdgamble555 - Memrise
and just me with bonus points on this one: French at home - by burtoj - Memrise

I haven’t done any MEMRISE today, is the bug still on for yous who are using firefox?

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I’ve refreshed browser but my daily points are still high. Also, the lessons aren’t working properly. The videos don’t always play and sound is sometimes missing when clicking on the choices in listening skills. I’m studying French 1. Using Windows 10 through Chrome.

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I’m back after a long absence. The total points were very high but the rank was correct. That part seems to be resolved but my weekly total is still wrong. The program wasn’t working properly with the sound not always working but that seems to have resolved too.

Thanks for fixing this. If possible, please reset the learning events / points for those two days.

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Here’s my reply to the email I received today from Memrise Support asking if I was satisfied with their handling of this issue so far:

"Hi Alex,

The binary option below doesn’t fit the bill for this one.

Your fix for whatever was causing the rogue points addition on Tuesday seems to have worked, thank you. When I reviewed my courses yesterday (I review them individually), the points awarded were correct for all my courses.

The residual problem, however, is what can be done about the freak points totals in those courses affected by the issue? Other users have also raised this in the forum. If you are unable to identify and remove the rogue points, then some course leaderboards will be permanently broken and meaningless, as will the overall leaderboards of those users who were affected by the issue. I imagine that many users find the course leaderboards, in particular, a strong incentive to learn.

It would be helpful (and appreciated) if someone could provide a more detailed explanation of the impact of this issue and how it is being rectified so that all users know what’s happening. I am afraid that the short announcements on the forum thread and in the FAQs saying that the issue has been “fixed” just doesn’t ‘cut it’.


I really have no idea about how difficult it would be to accurately identify the ‘rogue’ points and remove them but I would be disappointed if we are left with no further explanation. Although the isue may have been fixed, it’s long-term impact hasn’t.

Let’s see what happens.


We are looking into how we can correct the anomalous points created during the period when the bug was live.
It is not an easy thing to do, there’s no button to remove unusual points or anything so please bear with us. We don’t want to rush this and create further problems for anyone.


Thank you for the update, James.

As of the morning of Thursday, May 5, after a couple of browser restarts, many of my students are still showing multi-million point totals for the week in my class groups.

Hi, greetings from Vietnam !

My points calculate as usual but two of my friends got crazy week scores. One friend doubled her total score of 8 mio (harvested in +/- a year) to +16 mio. I asked her in whatsapp if she did anything special obtaining that impossible score. “Nope” was the summarised answer :wink:

I can understand this bug can be hard to solve (as a restore from back-up may affect unaffected accounts most recent scores too, “waking up” the masses that were not affected so far). But it’s really sad if this happens to your own stats and friendly learning competition among students is lost this way too.

Hope this can be resolved!

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Had an email from Memrise Support this morning saying that they are hoping to release a solution later today. Apparently, it may not be possible to do a 100% correct restoration but something close to the points actually earned. They aim to post an update on the forum when the web developers have confirmed this.


Hi, it seems that the issue is fixed now. I can no longer duplicate the problem.

Hi all, as per Alan’s message above, we have now done our best to revert points to what they should be. If you are seeing anything way off what you should have earned, please let us know.

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Hi @MemriseSupport, Thanks. I guess this has been a difficult thing to do.

There is something which looks quite odd in my revised totals. I review my courses individually each morning and clear all items needing review. Since the bug occurred, I only norticed a rogue score in one of my courses: A1 Spanish - by Decks - Memrise . It was reading around 800K too high since Tuesday). All my other courses looked OK.

I made a note of some of my points totals at 10 am today. Following your adjustment this afternoon, both my overall (all-time) total and my overall weekly total have been reduced by 1.340 million points (to 89,135,014 and 88,119 respectively) and my weekly score for the Spanish course (linked above) has been reduced by 758K points (to 66,831). That leaves a further 582K points that have been deducted from my other courses. As none of those courses appeared to have been affected by the bug, I would be interested to know which ones you identified as needeing to be adjusted. Is that possible? If it’s not, I’ll live with it.

yuppp… seems legit… totally.


but hey, its nice to be in the monthly leaderboard that high ._.*

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