Mystery points

  • Description of the issue:
    My points in a course unexpectedly jumped by over 5,000,000. I was reviewing a lesson from the course at the time.
    I have no clue how this happened. This is the first time I have noticed this issue.

This course’s leaderboard:

  • Your device and browser details
    Windows 10 Laptop, Microsoft Windows Version 21H2
    Google Chrome, Version 100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Not just me then. Mine jumped by some 800K in one of my Spanish courses today (see separate topic below),

I’ll merge these topics later, if @MemriseSupport doesn’t.

Hello @MemriseSupport,

Description of the issue

Same issue for me, but while learning a German course (5000 words sorted by frequency (strict … - by puffino - Memrise). For some reason, 6922 learning events were recorded this morning during a 20 minute learning session (difficult words followed by a 50 word review; not sure which one created the issue). I did about 100 learning events, not 6922! This resulted in about 800,000 points.

Your device and browser details
OS: macOS 12.3.1
Browser: Opera 85.0.4341.60 (arm64)

Screenshots of the problem?

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 11.51.20

Many thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Me too. I got 1,280,000 points suddenly effortlessly. My actual score in this week was near 124,000 points.

I feel not bad but it is unfair.

I’ve been having the same problem too. I suddenly got over 5 million points in an impossibly short span of time from doing a private course I made. It doesn’t bother me but it might upset some people following me.

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Hi @MemriseSupport,

I noticed this morning, following a review of 24 words in one of my courses that my points total became corrupted significantly. After yesterday’s review, my weekly points total would have been around 9000 and after today’s review should have been around 13000. The bogus points also got added to my monthly and all-time totals for this course.

The course in question is A1 Spanish - by Decks - Memrise

I’m using a laptop with the current version of Firefox (99.0.1)

This is what’s currently displaying:

[Edit No 2: at 14:48 on 2/5/22 my overall Weekly Leaderboard points total has shot up to over 1 million points since my last review session which ended some hours earlier.]

I use Memrise as part of a series of assignments in my Microbiology course. I assign my students course points for each 100,000 Memrise points they earn. There are multiple very grade-conscious pre-nursing students asking me why two of the students have suddenly acquired one million more points than everyone else in the class.

This is causing me damage.

I am getting the same problem and shot up 3,000,000 on Firefox, Windows 10. The only thing I noticed different was today. I will refresh a page to review a section of a course. It was giving a message shown in the picture. If I click leave page I got about 90,000 points extra.

I’m not trying to abuse the system, this has only occurred today and scores can be reverted because I don’t want to be on the leaderboard like this.


I am having the exact same problem, also on Firefox. Happened to me with the official Polish 2 and 3 courses. I did some basic review and suddenly it says that my daily XP goal was reached, and on Polish 3 I now somehow have over 3 million points today.

I am having the same problem from Germany. My browser is Opera 86 uptodate. I got more than 2m points after reviewing my daily courses. incredible. I hope the tech will fix it and explain the cause.


I’ve done like 10 sessions today and I’m sitting at 13 million points lol
and I’m using firefox


Yeah, this happened to me too! Just made over 3 million points by doing only 3 lessons!


I am having the same problem with large amounts of mystery points being added.
I am using the Brave browser and was able to successfully duplicate the issue.
When I complete a section, if I close the application\browser and then open it back up and complete another section, more points are being added to my weekly total. The more points earned, the higher the mystery points. For example, a Speed Review completion adds way more points than a “Listening Skills” or “Learn With Locals” completion.


Nothing unusual here
Screenshot 2022-05-04 132118


I also am facing this problem :sweat_smile:

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Lol, totally normal

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Same, if possible please remove those 10,3m points i got from my stats…

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Hi all, thanks for flagging this, we’re looking into it now :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

seems somebody hacked the site… annoying, instead a getting “a better memrise” one gets … whatever