My "total words learned" has randomly doubled

So around half an hour ago I noticed that my learned words has gone from only almost 8000, to almost 15,000. (My profile - I’m not too sure what has happened, however this took place under these circumstances:

-I was using the Memrise app on my iPad at the same time as using it on my laptop
-The “Nepali Phrases” deck didn’t have an auto-learn feature for some reason, so I used the external auto-learn add-on on my Chrome browser to speed up the planting process (meaning I have to only answer it correctly once for it to be planted instead of 5 times)
-Prior to doing this I cleared my existing learning progress on the deck, as I thought maybe that was causing it to bug and not show the “auto-learn” feature; I was wrong, and as such lost the 20 or so words on the second level that I had already learned
-I carried on studying my own deck on the laptop while also doing the Nepali phrases on my iPad
-I check my user profile and my learned words has increased by about 7,000

This isn’t ideal, as I don’t care about tallying up a large number of learned words on my profile at the expense of being able to accurately track my progress.

I would love for it to be fixed without losing the progress of actual words learned & points earned today - is this possible? I’m not even sure where the learned words came from. Anyone experienced anything like this?

Your “auto-learn add-on” is not a Memrise product, not vetted by Memrise, not supported by Memrise. Who knows what it did in order to artificially “learn” words?

Edit: I haven’t been on here much for the past year, so it occurs to me that perhaps I am mistaken, and Decks does have auto-learn? I thought about deleting this post because I am unsure, but since nobody else has posted, I’ll leave it, even if it might be incorrect.

It’s just one of the userscripts from the pinned forum post haha… Many, many people use it/have used it - and I’ve never heard of this issue. And Decks does indeed have auto-learn!

Pinned on the forum has nothing to do with whether Memrise supports a feature.

Happy to help! Thanks for leaving a comment.